Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Immersion Assembly

As soon as I walked into the hall it looked like I was in a mixture of fairy tales.I saw Mr Burt and he yelled ,"Arra! wheres my Princess?,"he was wearing a old fashion ball tux and he also talked in an old fashioned accent.I saw Shrek feeling happy and Fiona sat next to him but she had pink hair,Ginger Bread Man was grinning cheekily,Fairy god mother who was granting wishes. These were the things I saw as I walked into the hall for our Immersion Assembly.

When we sat down Mr.Burt told us the topic for this term which is The Art In Storytelling.For the first day of every term we have an Immersion Assembly that's why we go to the hall.Teams 1,2,3,4s teachers all do something to help show us what the topic for this term is.So we discovered that our topic for this term is all about fairy tales heroes and villains and all of the stuff that is make believe.

One of the funniest teams are team three.Their teachers acted out Cinderella Miss.Garden was the exquistintly beautiful Cinderella wearing a flouncy,frilly wedding dress with a flowing train,Miss.Walters was the sympathetic fairy god mother and she had magical and mysterious powers,Miss.l was the first hideous step sister and she had a pointy crooked nose,and Miss.MacKinlay was the second hideous step sister and she had a mustash,big teeth and a hunch back.They were squabbling and disputing over a picture of Brad Pitt on a broomstick.

Team four had all different kinds of fairy tale characters.Mr.Palmer was Shrek he bellowed,"What are you doing in my swamp",Miss.King as Fiona,but with pink hair she was holding Shreks arm.Mrs.Nua as another fairy god mother was granting wishes strait after that Mrs.Tele'a was dressed as the evil witch from Snow White showed us three items that were in her bag their was a heart to damand proof that Snow White was dead,a poisoned apple to kill Snow White so she could be the fairest of them all and she had a mirror to tell who is the fairest of them all and she said,"Come to my palace and talk to my camera my beautiful magical camera because I am far to beautiful to talk to you and who ever gets the best answer gets a prize". Then Mrs.Burt was Puss In Boots and Miss.Va'afusuanga yelled out,"You are another impostor because I am Puss In Boots,"and she replied",Where is your tail". Then we carried on and Mr.Burt turned on the music on and we went back to our classes to do something that we do not usually do.

After the Immersion Assembly my leg felt very sore and I felt energetic and my favorite teachers that were dressed up was Mrs and Mr Burt.