Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Jordan Is A Smart Kid

Hi you must know me so I do not need to say my name and hope you like my story any way I am writing about Jordan S. He is very cool and if you see him ask him to read Jarna's blog because he might not know that I wrote about him and you might see him in room 15. His best friends are Ilalio and Marven but I am only his friend. Jordan is very smart at maths and he is the first smartest out of the boys in his math group which is oblongs,but he butts in allot when someone else is talking.So that some of the things I know about him and keep reading ka kite ano.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

This Is My Family

This is my family and in my family is my Mum Petrina, my Dad Bruce, my Brother Wyatt,my Cousin Brandee, my Cousin Dani, my baby Cousin Zac, my baby Cousin Prayer, my Aunty Ang, my Uncle Toma, my Nana Marie and my Pop Graham. Now you know my family it's time to tell you what we do together in the holidays. We might go out for lunch or go somewhere to spend half of our day at the movies first to watch something that we haven't seen before.On Sunday my family and I went to the movies and watched Night At The Museum Two and after that we had lunch at Wendy's with` my Mum,Dad and Brother oh and I forgot not my whole family just the ones that went to Wendy's with me.Any way you are great readers and hope you read my storys and if some of my old one's are not there you have to go to the older posts at the bottom of the posts o.k any way hope you readers have a good day today or tommorow so bye bye.

The New Kid Jephte

Hi it's Jarna again and this time I am writing about the new kid called Jephte and he came all the way from Africa to New Zealand to stay. And he is ten years old so that also means he is going to Intermediate next year and that means he is a year six at Pt.England school. And I think that he came here to learn more Literacy and also he is learning English yeah!!! but he knows some English. Jephte likes to play soccer,touch and lots of other sports because lots of kids play with him and also his brother Johnathan plays with him a lot because that's his brother and you know brothers like playing with brothers and sisters. His favourite colour is Green and Blue and his best friend is Marven and Joshua plus Me. Anyway that's all so hope I can write some more later on so bye for now.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

My Friend Sylvia

Hi this is Jarna and I am writing about my friend called Sylvia because she is my best friend in the world. And we mostly do everything together because well you know because we are the best of friends. When we work together I will help her when she is stuck on her work during reading time or writing time. When it is lunch time we usually go down to the junior side and play with my Brother Wyatt also we do lots of cool stuff together like seeing each other when we go to school or when we leave school and all those things that best friends do at school and not at school. So we met each other at kindergarten when we were little babies like 3 and under and look at us now, all grown up. We meet each other at the shops after school sometimes.
Any way hope you like my best friend story I wrote for all of you to read, so good bye for now.

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