Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Brianna's 3rd Birthday

Hi it's Jarna again this is a movie I have created and it is about My Cousin Brianna and this is her 3rd Birthday as it says on the tittle.Now sit back and enjoy the show........

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

My Holiday

Hi this is my movie about my holiday as it says on the tittle.Anyway I am proud of the movie I have made it's time take it away.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

My Cross Country Post

As Mrs.Jarman took us to the starting line I shivering because I was nervous about the race. When we were waiting for the seven year old boys to cross the finish line. Before I knew it ,"Bang", The clapper went and the girls raced off in a burst of speed, but lucky me I knew not to race off in the beginning.

After a while I saw Miss Wild and she told us to over take them so I over took them she said good on you Jarna keep going your doing great.I was Beside Chelsea then I over took her and some other girls then I slowed down and they over took me so I carried on and was still going plus my arms and legs were failing every were then I past them. Inside my body my lungs were screaming so I asked my self,"Your wheezing Jarna your exhausted can you continue running?"So I am doing it I'm reaching the last teacher.

There I was passing the teachers and passed the last teacher and I was in the school grounds again and I passed Mrs Tele'a and through the play ground and crossed the finish line beating Seini Mino and finishing with determination and perseverance also thirsty.

In the end I felt sore and I was felling good about my self and the place I came was 9th and last year I came 10th to last.

Here's a quick question do you think I can play guitar very good? PLEASE answer that.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

My favourite Cartoon Sponge Bob Square pants

Hey its me again you know how I wrote about other people well this time I'm writing about my favourite cartoon(SPONGE BOB SQUARE PANTS) this cartoon rules and I know most of you like to watch Sponge Bob am I right or am I right.

Anyway Miss MacKinley is Wyatt being a very good student specking of students here is a quick question oh and there is going to be some quick questions OK here we go who is Sponge bobs best friend? and in who bob what pants what did these silly fishes call Sponge Bob when he fell off a cliff?Anyway can some of my family members comment on my blog.

Thank you ka kite ano

Thursday, August 20, 2009

My Wonderful Teacher Ms Squires

Some children used to be in Ms Squires class in room six and you don't know her like I do because she is sweet. Anyway Ms Squires is a very beautiful teacher and she likes us when we be good for her and it feels like family and family never puts down family members.

So that is why I wrote about my teacher and that is how I think about Ms Squires plus how she teaches us. So all you commenters out there try and be very good for your teachers too.
(Except if you are an adult)

Thanks all you readers out there.Ka Kite ano

and please tell Ms Squires to read this post.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

My Second Favourite Singer Taylor Swift

One day I wanted to say Miley Cyrus was my second favourite singer but when I saw what Miley did
it made me feel a bit stink so I decided to go with Taylor Swift because I like her style and her voice and most importently
her songs my favourite songs are called You belong with me and Love Story so all of the pictures are in the song You belong with me.
And one of the pictures are from love story so any way who else likes Taylor Swift? please write on the comment.

And teachers if you like her to can do that as well. you can ask me,(Jarna) or Selena to sing one of the songs if you want to and that's the teachers too pretty PLEASE!!! you see I wrote it in capitals letters.
Thank you for letting me use your
pictures you are COOL!!! and can you also post on my blog people around the world.

Thank you very much commenter's.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Jane Is A Very Nice And Kind

Hey its me again did you know I have tons of friends but i am only going to write about her and her name is Jane. Jane and I were friends when we got to know each other but we were in different classes she was in room 14 and I was in room 12. So do you know what class we are in now? by the way as the title says she is also very good in class she hasn't got a detention that I know of. Her favourite sports is volley ball,soccer and cricket. And some of her other friends are Reina,Tule,Destiny and Sylvia and some of them are in her group Ziggles.I wrote about Jane because she is very loyal to all of her friends.And tell Jane to read my blog too PLEASE!!!!! thank you all.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Immersion Assembly

As soon as I walked into the hall it looked like I was in a mixture of fairy tales.I saw Mr Burt and he yelled ,"Arra! wheres my Princess?,"he was wearing a old fashion ball tux and he also talked in an old fashioned accent.I saw Shrek feeling happy and Fiona sat next to him but she had pink hair,Ginger Bread Man was grinning cheekily,Fairy god mother who was granting wishes. These were the things I saw as I walked into the hall for our Immersion Assembly.

When we sat down Mr.Burt told us the topic for this term which is The Art In Storytelling.For the first day of every term we have an Immersion Assembly that's why we go to the hall.Teams 1,2,3,4s teachers all do something to help show us what the topic for this term is.So we discovered that our topic for this term is all about fairy tales heroes and villains and all of the stuff that is make believe.

One of the funniest teams are team three.Their teachers acted out Cinderella Miss.Garden was the exquistintly beautiful Cinderella wearing a flouncy,frilly wedding dress with a flowing train,Miss.Walters was the sympathetic fairy god mother and she had magical and mysterious powers,Miss.l was the first hideous step sister and she had a pointy crooked nose,and Miss.MacKinlay was the second hideous step sister and she had a mustash,big teeth and a hunch back.They were squabbling and disputing over a picture of Brad Pitt on a broomstick.

Team four had all different kinds of fairy tale characters.Mr.Palmer was Shrek he bellowed,"What are you doing in my swamp",Miss.King as Fiona,but with pink hair she was holding Shreks arm.Mrs.Nua as another fairy god mother was granting wishes strait after that Mrs.Tele'a was dressed as the evil witch from Snow White showed us three items that were in her bag their was a heart to damand proof that Snow White was dead,a poisoned apple to kill Snow White so she could be the fairest of them all and she had a mirror to tell who is the fairest of them all and she said,"Come to my palace and talk to my camera my beautiful magical camera because I am far to beautiful to talk to you and who ever gets the best answer gets a prize". Then Mrs.Burt was Puss In Boots and Miss.Va'afusuanga yelled out,"You are another impostor because I am Puss In Boots,"and she replied",Where is your tail". Then we carried on and Mr.Burt turned on the music on and we went back to our classes to do something that we do not usually do.

After the Immersion Assembly my leg felt very sore and I felt energetic and my favorite teachers that were dressed up was Mrs and Mr Burt.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Jordan Is A Smart Kid

Hi you must know me so I do not need to say my name and hope you like my story any way I am writing about Jordan S. He is very cool and if you see him ask him to read Jarna's blog because he might not know that I wrote about him and you might see him in room 15. His best friends are Ilalio and Marven but I am only his friend. Jordan is very smart at maths and he is the first smartest out of the boys in his math group which is oblongs,but he butts in allot when someone else is talking.So that some of the things I know about him and keep reading ka kite ano.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

This Is My Family

This is my family and in my family is my Mum Petrina, my Dad Bruce, my Brother Wyatt,my Cousin Brandee, my Cousin Dani, my baby Cousin Zac, my baby Cousin Prayer, my Aunty Ang, my Uncle Toma, my Nana Marie and my Pop Graham. Now you know my family it's time to tell you what we do together in the holidays. We might go out for lunch or go somewhere to spend half of our day at the movies first to watch something that we haven't seen before.On Sunday my family and I went to the movies and watched Night At The Museum Two and after that we had lunch at Wendy's with` my Mum,Dad and Brother oh and I forgot not my whole family just the ones that went to Wendy's with me.Any way you are great readers and hope you read my storys and if some of my old one's are not there you have to go to the older posts at the bottom of the posts o.k any way hope you readers have a good day today or tommorow so bye bye.

The New Kid Jephte

Hi it's Jarna again and this time I am writing about the new kid called Jephte and he came all the way from Africa to New Zealand to stay. And he is ten years old so that also means he is going to Intermediate next year and that means he is a year six at Pt.England school. And I think that he came here to learn more Literacy and also he is learning English yeah!!! but he knows some English. Jephte likes to play soccer,touch and lots of other sports because lots of kids play with him and also his brother Johnathan plays with him a lot because that's his brother and you know brothers like playing with brothers and sisters. His favourite colour is Green and Blue and his best friend is Marven and Joshua plus Me. Anyway that's all so hope I can write some more later on so bye for now.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

My Friend Sylvia

Hi this is Jarna and I am writing about my friend called Sylvia because she is my best friend in the world. And we mostly do everything together because well you know because we are the best of friends. When we work together I will help her when she is stuck on her work during reading time or writing time. When it is lunch time we usually go down to the junior side and play with my Brother Wyatt also we do lots of cool stuff together like seeing each other when we go to school or when we leave school and all those things that best friends do at school and not at school. So we met each other at kindergarten when we were little babies like 3 and under and look at us now, all grown up. We meet each other at the shops after school sometimes.
Any way hope you like my best friend story I wrote for all of you to read, so good bye for now.

If you click the play button below, you will hear me read this story for you...

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Armoured dinosaurs can not be defeated.
No dinosaur can flip over a Ankylosaurus.
Kind dinosaurs like an Ankylosaurus do not harm any other dinosaurs only attacks predators.
Young Ankylosaurus can be killed by predators.
Lived in late cretaceous in North America.
Other armourd dinosaurs like an Ankylosaurus mostly eat plantes.
Some paleontologist found Ankylosaurus's fossils.
An a Ankylosaurus existed 70 million years ago.
Using it's beak to nip off leaves from heages.
Rough skin and lots of armour.
Using it's armour to defend it- self.
Some paleontologists


Thursday, May 21, 2009

Tyrannosaurus Rex

Tiny arms and long teeth as long as banana's and as sharp as a carving knife.
Young T-Rex is waiting for his Mum to come and bring there food back to the family.
Razor sharp teeth going to kill a young Ankylosaurus.
Ankylosaurus is getting attacked by a Tyrannosaurus and getting badly hurt.
No dinosaur is going to kill a Tyrannosaurus-Rex.
Never will a Tyrannosaurus get beaten by an Ankylosaurus.
Other than sauropods can bet a Tyrannosaurus Rex.
Some paleontologists found Tyrannosaurus rex fossils in south america.
And Tyrannosaurus rex can rip off hard and rockey skin off other dinosaurus.
U can't fight a Tyrannosaurs rex and kill it.
Ready to kill its precious pray.
Using it's teeth to kill other dinosaurs .
Sauropods can defeat a Tyrannosaurus.
Ripping apart some nice nice flesh.
Enoying dinosaurs so T-rex is going kill dinosaurs.
Xtremely scary and very freakey to touch a Tyrannosaurus.


Tuesday, May 5, 2009


On Monday we went to the immersion assembly for term two where we found out that our topic was called Dino-might and we are learning about dinosaurs.

When we got to the hall we sat down in two lines then Mrs.Jarman was talking to us about what topic we are learning about for this term.Mrs.Jarmon asked Blessing to tell Mr.Burt was coming soon.When Blessing went to ask Mr.Burt he came in jumping around and took Feki's hand and dragged him down to the end of the hall.And whacked him on the head and his back then he went back and took Tyler by the hand and dragged him by the hand and took him to the front of the hall.The whole school was laughing even the teachers and Adults.

Mr.Burt shouted out,''Term 2 Dino-might team1#.The teachers in team1 are Mrs.Wild,Mrs.Katu,Mrs.Georege and Ms.Lal.They made a video clip about dinosaurs and they made a sign that said 'They're Not Extinct(yet)',Then they finished.Mr.Burt called out the same thing but he said team 2 instead.The teachers in team two are Ms.Va'afusuaga,Mrs.She,Ms.Glaze.And there Item was a rap about dinosaurs names.Then Mr.Burt said"Term Two Team 3",The teachers in Team 3 are Ms.Garden,Ms.Walters and Mrs McKinley. There Item was being paleontologist and pretending to dig up in the hall and find dinosaurs fossils.Then it was team 4's tern and the teachers in team 4 are Ms Squires,Mr.Palmer,Mrs.Nua,Mrs.King. And there Item was a video Clip about dinosaurs and they are a live and they were dreaming of it.Then Mr.Burt grabbed Levi's hand and dragged him across the hall too.Then Mr.Burt said ,"Dino-Might E-Learning group".And in the teachers in the E-Learning group is Mrs.Tele'a and Mrs.Burt and there item was a video clip too.When the video clip ended the music went on and we all went to our class rooms and did our original things.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Friday, March 27, 2009


Thick skin and horns.
R azor sharp horns on its face.
It lived in the late Cretaceous.
Can be found in North America.
Eats leaves and horses fantail.
Ready to charge on predators.
And is a big dinosaur.
Triceratops is a herbivore.
One amazing dinosaur.
Paws were much powerful.
Soft and very friendly.


Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Challenge

Last week on Thursday Ms Squires said ''We are going to play a game it is sort of a challenge''. So Ms Squires told Lepa and Matthew to get the balls, cones and the hockey sticks. Ms Squires took us to the hall and she told us to pick a partner but I had to sprint to the class room to get scrap paper and sixteen pencils.
When I got back no one was alone so I had to go with two partners Sylvia and Jane. After a while it was my turn so I took the hockey stick off Sylvia and the ball. I had to wait for three or four beeps then finally I started. I was as fast as a snake but a little bit slower. But when I looked behind me Jordan was right on my tail so I went faster but Jordan was shoving me and he bet me to the finish line. My time was 1:45.
Then Destiny had a sore stomach so then I had to go with Mubasshira and then it was Mubasshira's turn. When she got there I had to take 20 off Mubasshira's total time.The four beep's went and she was off she was fast as a snake but a bit faster and then it came the difficult part.But she was like the master of the challenge.When she finished the challenge her score was 1:20 but I took off 20 second's and her total time was 54 second's.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Beach

One lovely day at the beach on Saturday with my family we were all packing our stuff out of the car and we put our stuff on the ground next to our tent . All my cousins my Mum and I carried the table to the beach over to our tent and then we all went to the water put our feet in it and we were splashing around. We put sunscreen on then we played touch with my Mum, Dad and cousins. When I went to pull the tag off Robert's strap instead I bent my finger on the end of his pants. My team lost so we went for a swim in the sea.

We started to look for crabs and mussells. My cousin Robert ate a clam without cooking it I said ''Yuck!" I almost threw up.

We went in to have our morning tea and we put some more sunscreen on before we went to have another swim. We were splashing around and fighting on my Mum and Dad's shoulder's. If you lose then you fall over. So then my cousins Brandee and Chay were on my Mum and Dad's shoulders. Next my Mum and Brandee lost so my Dad and Chay won that one.

After that we went in for lunch, we had a barbecue. It was fantastic. My uncle Rob said "Who wants to play tag?" So every one said "Yes." I was in the blue team which my uncle Rob was in. My Mum, Dad and Wyatt were in my team too. We played against the Yellow team. It was only a family game. I shouldn't have played because of my finger, but in the end I did.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Welcome to Room 15 from Ms Squires

Hi Jarna, welcome to Room 15 and your new blog. This is your own place to share your stories, poems and thoughts about different topics. You will be able to also post any podcasts or videos you make and any of your e-learning tasks you complete throughout the year. Don't forget to let all your family know so they can see what you have been up to and can leave you comments.
Happy Blogging!!