Thursday, December 13, 2012

My Friend Description

My friend tells lots of jokes and has a good sense of humor. Shes funny when she doesn’t get her turn because she screams NOOO!!!! She’s a great friend to have. She is great at rugby and lots of different sports.

She has a go for it personality and is overall she is an amazing friend and anyone is lucky to have her as one. She is one of the many friends I wish to still have her as a friend in college and longer. The name of this great, fantastic friend is Seini-mino but we call her mino.

2012 Reflection

In the beginning of the year one of the things I struggled on was maths, and now I know I have improved over the months and I’m proud of my achievements in all of my subjects. The one thing I enjoyed most was sports because I got to meet a lot of different people and got to learn some sports that were new to me.

One of the least things I enjoyed was maths because I didn’t really get into it. The most thing I am proud of this year was joining the extension group because I never knew I was that smart. This year I joined the choir aka PEPA, Pt England Performing Arts, but I didn’t enjoy it because of some of the song choices but besides that it was alright.

The achievements I have made this year were great and I am very proud of them because most of the events I have tried out for I made it in.

The thing I am most looking forward to next year is going to college because there are a lot of more opportunities in college.

2012 Reflection

In the beginning of the year one of the things I struggled on was maths, and now I know I have improved over the months and I’m proud of my achievements in all of my subjects. The one thing I enjoyed most was sports because I got to meet a lot of different people and got to learn some sports that were new to me.

One of the least things I enjoyed was maths because I didn’t really get into it. The most thing I am proud of this year was joining the extension group because I never knew I was that smart. This year I joined the choir aka PEPA, Pt England Performing Arts, but I didn’t enjoy it because of some of the song choices but besides that it was alright.

The achievements I have made this year were great and I am very proud of them because most of the events I have tried out for I made it in.

The thing I am most looking forward to next year is going to college because there are a lot of more opportunities in college.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Camp Ngaruawahia

“Yes, the day’s finally here,” I shouted with excitement as I got out of bed. Rushing to get in the car to edger to get to school so we can pack the bus. It was a beautiful Tuesday morning today was the arrival to our year 8 camp. Once everything was packed it took a long time to get on the bus but we finally got on ready for our long journey to Ngaruawahia.

“Wow,” I said as we made it to the campsite. The site was amazing because the lake looked stunning and there was a pool, a hot pool, mini golf, gym, and much much more.

Once we had unpack the bus we had morning tea at the playground and then went to our cabins. In my cabin was Sylvia, Mino, Selena H, Toreka, Mubasshira, Lesley and Awhina.

My favourite thing at camp was the game room because there was a pool table, two table tennis tables, Foosball, and another game. The reason it was my favourite was because it was raining most the time so we use to chill out and play some games against the parents.

On the last day of camp we went to Waingaro hot springs. It was awesome because we got to bomb and dive in the pool. the pools we swam in was really deep. There was two huge slides that looked really cool.

All of the activities were fun and this camp was a great way to finish off the year for the year 8 and I hope I can go there again in the holidays.

Friday, November 30, 2012

Blue Light Disco

I was amazed as I walked through the doors of the flashing lights and crazy dance moves. Tonight was the night for the ‘Blue Light Disco!’ The Disco was run by the cops and prefects and some people from the community.

Walking through the doors where the party was, I saw my friends and started to groove to the rhythm of the music. Watching everyone dancing It was already time for a competition. There were around about 4 or 5 which were dougie, cat daddy, limbo competitions and some more.

After some comps it was time for something to eat, “Mmmm people were saying as they rushed in line for a delicious sausage sizzle and fizzy drink. After everyone was satisfied by their meal they started to dance again.

Unluckily it was time for the last song. So we danced as hard as we could till the song ended. “That was awesome,” I thought to myself and that was also a great last disco.

Monday, November 26, 2012

My Toy Creation

In Extension Mrs Tele'a laid out a bunch of items. Then we had to pick a number between 1 - 20 and once you got your item you had to make it into a toy. I got the item noodles and I made it into a toy called the 'Noodle Shape Maker'.

Noodle Shape Maker

For this amazing product all you need for it is a bowl the noodle shape maker hot water mix them together when soft make your shape. Then when it cools down it molds into that shape and then you have your own creative shape.

But not just that you can also connect the noodles to make an even bigger shape and all of this for only $14.95.

This product is only for the ages 3 years +

Step 1. Bowl and put noodle maker in it
Step 2. Cook for 1 - 2 minutes until slimy
Step 3. Then mold into a shape; Ring/Necklace
4. Once shaped place flat and let it cool off until it molds into shape

Where I Am From - Spoken Word Poem

Where I am from I see clear skies and flowing water,
Where I am from I see people having fun everywhere,
Where I am from I taste fresh tropical flavours and different kinds of spices,
Where I am from I taste the smoky food cooked by the barbecue,
Where I am from I feel happiness and sadness around me,
Where I am from I hear laughter and joy from friends and family,
Where I am from I hear the shouting of playful children,
Where I am from I smell roasting chicken and chocolate biscuits,
Where I am from I smell fresh spices and delicious sausage sizzles,
Where I am from I touch soft grass and freezing waves,
Where I am from I touch the green grass as I lie down for a rest.

Monday, November 19, 2012


This term in Extension we had to research about a toy that was chosen for us by Mrs Tele'a. My toy I had got was Play-Doh.

Noah W. and Joseph S. McVicker are famous for making a product known as Play-Doh. In 1956 Play-Doh was created in Cincinnati, Ohio, U.S. Did you know in 1930 Play-Doh use to be a wallpaper cleaner. In January 26, 1965 was when they paid the patent, (patent means Someone who pays the right for the product).

The age for this toy is 15 months and up. Play-Doh has a large range of prices because there are lots and lots of different types of Play-Doh. And did you know if you made a big ball of all the Play-Doh Compound ever created, it would weigh more than 700 MILLION POUNDS. Kids love playing with Play-Doh I think it’s a good fun toy for the whole family.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


“Errr,” the car jolted forward as Sam stepped on the brake and shouted, “Chris we’re here,” “Huh, oh wow the forest looks amazing, lets set up camp Sammy,” The two girls had just finished setting up when Sam heard a weird noise.

“Chris,” Sam squeaked “What was that? I’m scared,” Chris replied, “Don’t worry it’s just the forest, it’s probably a rabbit or something.” They both heard it this time then decided to go and investigate.

Pushing bushes and branches out of the way they saw weird looking footprints, “What the,” they said looking closer. ‘Boom’ there it was again, “Lets go see what it is Sam,” “No I don’t think it’s a good idea what if it’s a bear or something?” “Come on,” Chris said as she dragged Sam along.

“Ahhh,” “Shhh,” Chris said as she covered Sam’s mouth. Sam got away from Chris and hide behind a fallen tree. “Ahh!” Chris screamed as the giant creature snached her up. “Hahaha,” “What do you want from me,” Chris pleaded, “I’m going to eat you, Argh” “No!!!” Sam cried as she saw her sister getting eaten.

“You monster,” Sam screamed out to the creature, “Now it’s your turn, run,” sprinting passed trees and bushes she ran for her life. She jumped over a log looking for a weapon of some sort, ”Aha you’re mine now,” she said waiting for the creature.

It went silent she looked back nothing was there, ”Boo,” “Argh,” She shouted as she went to kill the beast, “oh no,” “Bang,” the beast exploded it was done the beast was killed. Sam cried on her way back home leaving the gear behind, “Why,” She said, “Why.”

Monday, November 12, 2012

Barnyard Narrative

“Come here Vivienne and Osana quickly,” called out Tom to his small chubby dogs. Turning the corner he noticed something but couldn’t see because of the dark. “Come on girls lets go check that out,” “Wow an abandoned barn,” Tom sprinted to the door. “Errr,” went the door as he entered with the two dogs. All he could hear was footsteps but they had stopped.

”Ohhh freaky house” whispered Tom.  Getting closer and closer to the end of the hallway the debris got worse “Slam!!” “Woof Woof “screeched Vivienne as she was getting dragged into a room. “Vivienne NO!!!” Tom shouted with anger, “Osana come here,  Osana, OSANA!,”

Tom searched everywhere but had no luck, ”I wish I never came here” he sobbed, “Oww,” one of the dogs whined. Suddenly another thud, “Viv, Osana are you there,” silence filled the room as he headed towards a small door for him just to fit in. “Err, bang,” the door slammed behind him. He started to freak out as a weird sound was approaching him, “Arghh.”

To be continued........

Thanks to Ashleigh for helping me producing this narrative.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Iosefo Family Comes To Pt England

Today a very special guest came to Team 5’s team assembly. He was asked to go on Campbell live and he is a prefect at Mt Roskill Grammar. Can you guess who it is? His name is......Joshua Iosefo he is the poet of the spoken word ‘Brown Brother’.

After he watched the movie Sinarella he got angry because of all of the stereotypes so he went into his room and wrote for an hour and that is how his poem was born. After he showed his parents they said this has to get out. So at his school all of the prefects has to recite a speech so he decided to do that.

He said that it was a risk to recite the poem in front of the school but he felt comfortable saying it. Joshua Iosefo ‘Brown Brother’ is on YouTube and he is so lucky because he got to be on live television.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Tommy Kapai Wilson Presentation

Ashleigh, Chante and I have created a presentation about Tommy Kapai Wilson who has recently came to our school. Hope you enjoy!!!

Mini Olympics at Pt England School

A sea full of multicoloured t-shirts started chanting and cheering. Today was the Point England mini Olympics. There were 16 countries Mexico, Jamaica, Romania and many more. I was the leader for Russia.

We participated in 7 events touch, handball(The real handball they play in the Olympics), foursquare etc. We played against many teams and won some and lost some. We got lots of points for sportsmanship.

My most favourite event was foursquare (well it wasn’t really foursquare it was actually more like handball). We had to play in doubles and it was nerve racking. When I got on to the court My partner and I were on for a while.

My least favourite was three legged soccer. the reason I didn’t like it was because my partner kept wandering off. Also because the strap kept falling off.

At the end it was hard to come back and sit down because of the massive crowd in the way. Finally reaching my destination it was unfortunately the end of the mini Olympics. Maybe next term we can do something like this again because everyone including me enjoyed it.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Tommy Kapai Wilson

On the 7 of September a very special person came to our school. Uncle Anzac aka Tommy Kapai Wilson he is very well known for writing books about a Kiwi named Kapai. When he came he talked about many things.

When Tommy was younger his father lied about his age so that he could join the army (he was only seventeen). When his father came back he said, “I’m not going to be alone anymore.” He made rules which were never violence, always make ten people smile a day, hard case humour. Now Tommy pushed it up to make 20 people smile a day.

Later on in his life he went and worked as a dishwasher in a restaurant (I know it’s not the best job in the world but at least he had one). Then he got a job as a butler for a famous person and he got a Ferrari, a boat and lots of money. But he decided to go back home to his family.

When he came back he started to write children's books and that is how he became a famous author. His most popular books are Kapai the kiwi.

Maybe when I get older I can become an author if I try hard enough. Tommy Kapai Wilson has inspired me of what I can be or do in the future.

Thank you Tommy.

Senior Sports Rotation

“Ahhhhhhhhh! My hair”, Mubba screamed as the blustery rain made her rushed to the hall for the senior sports rotation. As we arrived I was wondering what activities we were going to do. All of the houses had four groups and each group had four rotations. I was the leader for Tainui 4.

The rotations my group and I participated in were cyber coach (which is a guy showing you different dance moves), Mr Jacobson’s room to watch one of our old school productions the Toy shop, and then we went to Mrs Flavell to decorate some biscuits and shells. Last of all we went to Miss M for jump jam.

My favourite activity was decorating with Mrs Flavell. The reason I enjoyed decorating would have to be sharing ideas with the other kids and making a good design. Making designs with Ms Flavell was nerve racking because we only had a short period of time (now I know how people on my kitchen rules feel).

In the end I was feeling stink because it came to an end but hopefully we would get to do it again.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Year 7 and 8 Social

Getting ready for tonight I realised that I didn’t have anything to wear. Rushing to the computer to look for a costume to wear. “Aha that’s it.” The Theme was New Zealand olympic team (Black and white)

“Boom, boom, boom,” the music blared as I entered the hall. Lights flashing everywhere I saw Kingston dancing alone in the middle of the dance hall.

There was only three different competitions at the social Dougie, cat daddy and azonto. My favourite competition was Dougie. Mary, Rita, James and Nezinli were the final four. “Oh, oh,” Everyone was shouting as they were dougieing “And the winner is ..... Nezinli,” Mr Barks announced as the boys started screaming and shaking Nezinli around.

Finally everyone was saying as Selena said we could go and eat now. “Mmm..,” I said as I smelt the delicious smell of sausages. “Pick a drink any drink,” Mrs Lavakula said to us, everyone was coming in to have a good sausage sizzle.

“Ok guys this is the final song so everyone dance,” the DJ said. Everyone started dancing then all of a sudden the music stopped and I realized that the social was over. I was bummed that we couldn’t carry on. At the end of the night I was tired and I hope we can do this again.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Treacherous Race

“Bang!” The clappers slammed and everyone was off. Jogging a steady pace I was passing people one by one. Once I got further up ahead a lot of kids were behind me.

Mud started to splatter on my legs then I heard squelching as I ran across the gross, gooey grass. I looked down at my shoes and they were soaked with dirt and water. It was a struggle to run across the mud as it felt like I was running on ice.

Once I passed the bridge the track looked treacherous. “So many steps,” I thought to myself I was gasping for breath as I carried on running. Determination and perseverance made me finish the track.

“Yes,” I shouted as I had finally completed the track. With aching muscles I saw Brooklyn fall so I went over to help her. “Are you alright?” I asked her, “No my leg hurts,” she replied in agony. While still helping Brooklyn she said she was alright to carry on by herself.

With a burst of speed I passed the finish line with pride. Walking to the water fountains I was so glad that I completed the course. I saw my friends and they look exhausted. I was happy with myself and thought I did good for my last year.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Bro Town Animators

Last week on Thursday the extension group got the chance to meet the Bro Town animators Ali, Maka and Nils. These three men showed us what a Zoetrope is. A Zoetrope is what they used to make animations back in the old days.

They also taught us how to find the middle in between two lines. And that's how we made our jellyfish animations, at the end of the session they gave us a pack so that we can make our own animations. Hope you enjoy my movie!!!

Smoking Kills

Teenagers start smoking because they think that it’s cool or maybe it is because other people do it and they feel left out. But if you smoke it is very difficult to stop.

What happens to your health when you smoke? There are many consequences of smoking that are dangerous. Inside every cigarette there are 4000 different types of chemicals 200 of them cause cancer. Smoking can also cause heart problems, all of these things has a high chance of dying.

The consequences of smoking are that you could get wrinkly skin, yellowed teeth, stained fingers, and a disgusting breath. You get these awful things by the cause of smoking and there are many many more of these consequences.

Smoking is also a huge waste of money smokers spend $14-$15 per packet. Every week smokers spend $150, so every year they spend around $5110, if they stop smoking they could save $5110 every year.

So why do people start smoking in the first place? People usually start smoking because they see their friends smoke and they think it’s cool so they want to start. They also get influenced by their family because maybe all of their family members smoke and they want to be just like them. Or maybe they get pressured by peers and they can’t take and start.

Smoking kills. Which path do you want to take?

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Gold for Our Champion Valerie Adams

This morning Valerie Adams has won gold for shot put. Many of you are thinking no she got silver, well you’re wrong. The reason why Valerie has the gold medal is because the Belarus woman was stripped of her gold medal because she tested positive for drugs. The president of the New Zealand Olympic Committee Mike Stanley has described Valerie Adams gold medal as 'justice served'. The drug that she was tested positive was methanol.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Running Animation

This week in room 20 we have all been learning how to animate people running. This is my finished animation of a person running. Enjoy!!!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Valerie Adams

With a valiant attempt Valerie Adams threw a distance of 20.10m in the shot put. In her build up to the Olympics she had worked tirelessly for the gold she was desperate to win. However this was not to be. Coach of Valerie Adams Jean-Pierre Eggar was proud of her achievements unfortunately she had only just come second place.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Precious McKenzie

Precious McKenzie is a well known New Zealand weightlifter but he wasn’t originally from here. In 1936 in Red Cross hospital in Durban South Africa was where he was born. Unfortunately when he was born he had a chest condition. Luckily he survived it and that’s how he got his name ‘Precious One’.

In his early childhood his father Joseph was killed by a crocodile. After he had died his mother Christina started drinking heavily so Precious and his sister got put up to foster care. Life in foster care was horrible, where his foster mothers were evil and treated them very poorly. The foster mothers malnourished them and that caused their growth to stop at 4ft10.

Later on in life he had been practicing gymnastics and his dream was to be in the circus. He wanted to be in the circus but got turned down because they said his skin colour was wrong. When he got rejected by the circus he tried a different sport, which is weightlifting. McKenzie went to try out for the South African weightlifting team and sadly didn’t get selected for the team.

Precious McKenzie moved to England and he hoped that he didn’t get treated the same as he did in South Africa. Once he got settled in England he tried out for their Olympic weightlifting team, without a doubt he made it in the team.

After he competed in the olympics for England he got emigrated to New Zealand in 1970’s. He became very well known for weightlifting here in NZ because he won gold medals in the commonwealth games. Precious McKenzie still lives here in New Zealand and is aged 75.  

Friday, July 20, 2012

Brown Brother

Joshua Iosefo is a prefect at Mt Roskill Grammar. Recently the prefects at Mt Roskill had to prepare a speech to say in front of the school so Joshua decided instead of writing a speech he would write a poem. The name of the poem is “Brown Brother”. His friend Rashad recorded him while he was saying his speech and then he posted it up on youtube.

Joshua Iosefo’s poem “Brown Brother” is about not believing stereotypes. Stereotypes are labelling a whole group with a characteristic often negative. Some of the stereotypes are like how brown people can't get proper jobs because their not qualified enough or that they

When Joshua’s poem was posted on youtube Rashad (friend), his dad, and Joshua ended up being on campbell live. When he was on live television he got the opportunity to recite his poem “Brown Brother”. I think the message in the poem is that you should never underestimate yourself and that be who you want to be.

Precious McKenzie

Precious McKenzie, the weightlifter, was preparing himself mentally for the final lift. The weight of the bar showed no mercy and bought tension to his body. As his muscles grew taut his veins were bulging. He was struggling to continue. Reaching towards the end he was determined to succeed.

Mino and Sylvia helped me produce these few sentences.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Friday, June 29, 2012

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Kiwi Kick

The sky was dim, the air was cold and goose bumps started to appear on my arms. I stood in line waiting anxiously. “Finally,” I said as we arrived. Siting down our instructors Sandwich and Mike started to tell us about Kiwi Kick.

First we played a game called continuous tag which is when everyone is in, so when someone tags you, you have to bob down and wait to they get tagged so you can stand up again. If you both tag each other at the same time you have to play rock, paper, scissors and who ever lost had to sit down and wait.

The first skill we learnt was how to Drop Punt. They told us some phrases to help us get a better idea on how to drop punt. One of the phrases was laces away from faces. My partner was Vivienne. Then we learnt how to hand pass for this skill my partner was Mubasshira. What we did with this skill was we played a game where we had to try and hand pass through your partner's legs.
Next we learnt how to mark, marking in Kiwi Kick is when someone drop punts to you really high and you catch it then you get a free kick or pass. The first mark we learnt is called the chest mark, the chest mark is where you catch the ball in your chest area (my partner for these drills was Osana). Second was the high mark, high marking is when you catch the ball over your head. Last but not least my favourite mark of all is the speci mark, the speci mark is when you jump off one leg for the catch.
I have really been enjoying the past few sessions of Kiwi Kick lately because I have not only been learning a new sport but I have also been having lots and lots of fun learning it. I like to say a huge thank you to our tutor’s Sam, aka Samwich, Anita, Mike, aka Micky and Charlie that have been teaching us how to play Kiwi Kick, choice guys.

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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

'Weeping Woman' and 'Woman With A Hat'

Henri Matisse’s style of art was Fauvism, Fauvism is non-naturalistic colors. Pablo Picasso’s art of style was Cubism, Cubism is about different perspectives, Picasso did not only used Cubism he used much more styles of painting.

The same thing about these paintings are that they are both portraits of women and they both look unhappy, however their themes are very different. Henri Matisse’s painting ‘Woman with a Hat’ is a portrait of his wife. Pablo Picasso’s painting ‘Weeping Woman’ is about a lady suffering from the 1950’s war.

Pablo Picasso’s painting ‘Weeping Woman’ is made of different shades of yellow. While Henri Matisse’s painting ‘Woman with a hat’ is made of a multitude of colours and shading with them. The medium for Picasso’s painting is oil Matisse is the same type of medium as Picasso’s.

Both Henri and Pablo used bold lines in their paintings but Henri mostly had light lines around the face area. Pablo has only used sharp straight lines and shapes except for some curves on the fingers. While Henri’s lines and shapes are curved and bumpy. Pablo’s painting had lots of different perspectives while Henri’s painting has only one perspective which is the front part of the body.

I think their paintings are excellent and that they are both fantastic artists and will live on forever through their amazing talent. Rest in peace Henri Matisse and Pablo Picasso.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Tragic Moment

On a beautiful Sunday morning my mum's women's soccer team had a very tragic thing happen to one of their players. First the game started it was going great because we were winning by one point. The back-line really struggled to get the ball out to their opponents half. Two goals later we started losing 2-1 to them.

Their coach Joe had a talk with them especially to the back-line. The second half began, now this is where the action happens, My mum was up front had the ball and was going around lots of players. "At last," I said to myself as she had finally got the second goal. So far it's a tie. 'WHOOSH' went the net as they scored once more.

Their team had got the ball again half way swinging one of our players had jumped into the air trying to block the ball. The opponent whacked the ball also wiping out our players legs. 'THUD' she fell to the ground with pain getting up once more. 'SLAM' she fell down again also hitting her head hard on the ground all of a sudden she started having a seizure.

Everyone started to panic and rushed towards her, "Water, water," they shouted as they struggled to find water. "Oh no,” I thought in my head, "I hope she's alright," they had finally found some water and hurried to get to her. Someone called the ambulance straight away. Waiting and waiting for the ambulance to come 7-11 minutes later they arrived.

Her family was really worried about her. This was the first time I have ever witnessed someone having a seizure. It was a very devastating time for our team and her family. I hope you get better soon and come back to the team.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Daniella Hulme's Journey

When Daniella was in her teenage years in Holland, she wanted to become an artist, but her parents were not supportive of her dream job. They held traditional views about what career pathway was appropriate for her. So she was a nurse for a couple of years instead.

Daniella met her future husband through nursing and emigrated to NZ. She got married and had children. Daniella’s husband supported her dream of being an artist so he got her into an art class to learn how to paint. It was through these art classes that she learnt the techniques of painting with oil. She liked the texture and the smell of the paint and how it gave her more time to work on her depth of colour.

Daniella's work is inspired by her husband's culture (Samoan) so the theme for the majority of her paintings are the pacific. She uses vibrant colours in her paintings because she likes to cheer people up and give people a sense of well-being.

I worked with Mino to Produce these paragraphs

Daniella Hulme’s artwork Abundance is influenced by her husbands culture, Samoa. In order to portray happiness she used vibrant colours. All of the lines are strong, bold
and clearly seen.


Vincent Van Gogh Starry Night

Vincent Van Gogh painted the Starry Night in the year 1889. His technique was to paint with short bold strokes. This texture made his paintings stand out,  look effective and create a sense of movement. Often the colours he used were vibrant which made it more exciting to look at.


Tuesday, April 24, 2012

My Mihi Mihi

This is my Mihi Mihi hope you enjoy it.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

My Camp Movie

I have created a movie about CAMP RESPECT!!!. This movie shows some of the things we had done during camp. ENJOY!!!

Monday, March 26, 2012

The Amazing Race

“A.......nd go!” Mr Barks shouted as our group rushed to the equipment to make slingshots, this activity is called the amazing race. Black rubber, string, tape, newspaper and a piece of wood that is in a shape of a slingshot. We were rushing to get our slingshot finished so we could try to get extra points for our team by hitting the buckets, and if you get the ball into the bucket you get double the points.

The next activity we had to do in the Amazing race was splitting our group up and going to different locations to collect the items we need to make a hobo stove so we can cook an egg. I had to go to the pools and get a fire started (which was a piece of wood.) We had lots of wood, two matches, (if you ran out of matches you had to get two more from the office,) an egg and the final piece was a empty large spaghetti or baked beans tin.

We had to make a little hut with the wood, and inside the hut was the fire starter. It took us a lot of time to get the fire going. "At last," we said as the flames grew hire, but unfortunately the other team had already eaten their egg. We were just about to cook the egg when Mr Barks said it was time to go back for our next activity I felt a bit disappointed.

Now we had to make the word RESPECT with our bodies letter by letter. Rushing to get the pictures done we were just about to take a picture of the last letter when the battery went flat, luckily Mr Barks said we could use his camera. We went to room 21 and downloaded the photos. “Whew,” I said as we completed the task.

The amazing race was one of my favourite activities. I really want to do that sometime soon.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Show Not Tell - Table Tennis

‘Whack!’ The ball went flying towards my opponent. Feeling pleased I said to my self, ”It’s over.” Over confidently I turned my back thinking I had won, ‘Smack’ I turned around to late just as the ball shot across the table and on to the floor. I could not believe I had lost.

School Picnic

“Finally where here,” I said to myself as we arrived at the reserve. As soon as everyone put their bags down the reserve was full of kids in red tops and black shorts. There were lots of different kinds of sports running like softball, volleyball, ripper rugby, etc.

I was wondering what to play, I couldn’t decide which sport I wanted to play the most because they were all tempting, but then I saw kids playing soccer so I joined in. My brother and my dad were playing soccer too. I was in my dad’s team and against my brother, I didn’t know who won but I think it was a tie.

When I had stopped playing soccer I started to get bored until I saw Mr S running a game of softball. So I went and played. Waiting patiently for my turn to bat the line got smaller and smaller, then suddenly I heard someone call my name and said, “It’s your turn to bat,” I said to myself, “Yes.” ‘Whack!’ the ball went flying I made it to base two and finally home. After a couple of rounds of softball I felt hungry and went to get some lunch.

Mmm I said in my head as I saw what we were going to have for lunch. My mum made ham and lettuce rolls and she also bought chips. We sat down enjoying our meal and said to myself this is delicious.

‘Beep’ the hooter went and that meant it was time for us to leave. Everyone started packing up their things and sat in their class lines, everyone was waiting for their class members so we can go back to school and then go home.

When we got back to school I was drained, so I rushed to the water fountain and got a drink. As soon as I got home I sat down and thought this was an awesome day and a great last school picnic for the year 8’s.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Walking Animation

Hi everyone I have made a movie about positive footprints online, ENJOY!!!

Jarna And Mino Ben Carson

Born in Detroit Michigan Ben had a difficult childhood. His mother Sonya had dropped out of school in grade 3, and she got married at the age of 13. When Ben was 8 years old his parents got divorced and Sonya had to raise her kids by herself. She had to work 2 - 3 jobs to provide for her kids.

In the fifth grade Ben was at the bottom of the class,and his brother wasn't doing so-well either. So his mother Sonya was determined to turn their lives around. She limited their TV privileges. Each week they had to get out two library books and write two written reports about them. They had to give them to Sonya to remark. Because of her poor education, she was unable to read their reports, but she still tried. She also refused to let them play outside until they had finished their homework.

Unexpectedly in a few weeks Ben had astonished his class by knowing what type of rock the teacher was holding, he was holding Obsidian. When he answered, the kids in his class didn't know whether to laugh at him or be amazed. At that moment he knew he wasn't dumb after all. Each day he was hungry for knowledge.

Thursday, March 15, 2012


On the last day of camp I couldn't wait because we were going to Swim-A-Rama. I was lucky because my group was the first to go on the bus. As soon as we went inside I wanted to just jump straight in the pool. "Finally!" I said to myself as I walked into the freezing cold water.

One of the games I played was volley ball, but that didn't work out so we just through the ball to each other and tried to catch it. 'Splash' the water went into my face because Toreka splashed water at me. That was a lot of fun but that wasn't my favourite thing it was this.

It was girls against boy in gridiron. It was a bit hard to run because it was very slippery in the water. I was about to get a run away until I slipped, but I managed to get the ball to Kaloni and she got the try. There was only a little bit of people when we first started but as the day went by lots of boys and girls started playing.

I bet your wondering who won well I can tell you that the girls had finished victorious.

First Day At Camp RESPECT!!!

My favourite activity for day 1 was ‘BOX FIT’ with Rob, Regan and Mark. First we had to find a partner. My partner was Karmire we had to stand behind your partner and we had to sprint down the path next to the street and back. Doing stretches was really easy for me, but for some people it was difficult.

I was first to hit the pads that Karmire had to hold. We punched left, right, left, right but we had to cross over when we punch. Next we punch left, left then right. Finally Regan taught us a combo. Left, right, left hook, right. When we kept practicing punching it felt like my left hand was getting stronger.

On day 2 my favourite activities in the whole camp was Kayaking and table tennis.
Kayaking because I got to drive Mr Burt’s boat. a couple of years ago Mr Burt said I was the speed queen. Table tennis was my other favourite thing because we also got to skate. I forgot how to skate but Te Rina reminded me. After that I was fine but still a bit nervous.

So far camp has been awesome, I can’t wait to go to Swim-A-Rama.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Monday, February 20, 2012

Jarna, Mino, Sylvia Show Not Tell

Tears of misery ran down her rosy red cheeks. Hunched over, her tears dropped to the ground like rain from the sky. As she blew her nose her sister was looking at her, but her hair hid her face.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Cyber Smart

At first Matty thought it was a good idea to post that picture, “It’s ok my settings are on private and only my friends can see it,” she had thought to her self. But the next day, unbeknownst to her, lots of different people had got hold of her picture. She was feeling disturbed by it,”How did this happen,” she cringed in shame.

On that same day Matty had tried to remove her picture but it had just reappeared again. After trying and trying to take it off it was futile so she gave up, she had no more control over it.

Cyber Saftey

It is important that you think before you post otherwise there will be serious ramifications. Do not flippantly put pictures or post things online.

If you put inappropriate pictures online, and you think the settings are on ‘only friends’, what you thought was private ends up public.

How might this happen? Someone you thought was your friend had taken a screen shot of your picture and shared it to the whole wide world.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Beach

It was a dim day at the beach, my teeth started chattering and goose bumps started appearing on my arms. Wrapped in a blanket I watched the waves clash against each other spraying everywhere. “Whoa!” I yelled as a heap of water splashed on top of me. That was an exhausting day at the beach.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The First day of School

As soon as I woke up, I got everything ready for the first day of school!!! I wondered what class I would be in? I had no idea.

On my way to school I was excited to go back to school because I hadn’t seen my friends for a long time. I got out of the car, and started walking towards the school I saw everyone waiting in the hall.

“Welcome back,” said Mr Burt. Then he asked if all of the year 7&8’s could go in the street. Mrs Nua was telling us what class we were going to for 2012.

I was waiting for my name to be called then suddenly I heard my name. The class I am in for 2012 is room 20, and my teacher is Ms Squires she was also my year 5 teacher in room 15. This is the first time I have the same teacher.

I was happy and I hope that this year will be a good one.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Poem About Me

I am a soccer player
it's my favourite sport,

I am an animal lover
my pet cat loves to get patted,

I am a singer
my dream is to be a professional,

I am a basketball player
my favourite position is forward,

I am a guitarist
that loves playing plenty of songs,

I am a daughter
who loves her family.