Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Challenge

Last week on Thursday Ms Squires said ''We are going to play a game it is sort of a challenge''. So Ms Squires told Lepa and Matthew to get the balls, cones and the hockey sticks. Ms Squires took us to the hall and she told us to pick a partner but I had to sprint to the class room to get scrap paper and sixteen pencils.
When I got back no one was alone so I had to go with two partners Sylvia and Jane. After a while it was my turn so I took the hockey stick off Sylvia and the ball. I had to wait for three or four beeps then finally I started. I was as fast as a snake but a little bit slower. But when I looked behind me Jordan was right on my tail so I went faster but Jordan was shoving me and he bet me to the finish line. My time was 1:45.
Then Destiny had a sore stomach so then I had to go with Mubasshira and then it was Mubasshira's turn. When she got there I had to take 20 off Mubasshira's total time.The four beep's went and she was off she was fast as a snake but a bit faster and then it came the difficult part.But she was like the master of the challenge.When she finished the challenge her score was 1:20 but I took off 20 second's and her total time was 54 second's.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Beach

One lovely day at the beach on Saturday with my family we were all packing our stuff out of the car and we put our stuff on the ground next to our tent . All my cousins my Mum and I carried the table to the beach over to our tent and then we all went to the water put our feet in it and we were splashing around. We put sunscreen on then we played touch with my Mum, Dad and cousins. When I went to pull the tag off Robert's strap instead I bent my finger on the end of his pants. My team lost so we went for a swim in the sea.

We started to look for crabs and mussells. My cousin Robert ate a clam without cooking it I said ''Yuck!" I almost threw up.

We went in to have our morning tea and we put some more sunscreen on before we went to have another swim. We were splashing around and fighting on my Mum and Dad's shoulder's. If you lose then you fall over. So then my cousins Brandee and Chay were on my Mum and Dad's shoulders. Next my Mum and Brandee lost so my Dad and Chay won that one.

After that we went in for lunch, we had a barbecue. It was fantastic. My uncle Rob said "Who wants to play tag?" So every one said "Yes." I was in the blue team which my uncle Rob was in. My Mum, Dad and Wyatt were in my team too. We played against the Yellow team. It was only a family game. I shouldn't have played because of my finger, but in the end I did.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Welcome to Room 15 from Ms Squires

Hi Jarna, welcome to Room 15 and your new blog. This is your own place to share your stories, poems and thoughts about different topics. You will be able to also post any podcasts or videos you make and any of your e-learning tasks you complete throughout the year. Don't forget to let all your family know so they can see what you have been up to and can leave you comments.
Happy Blogging!!