Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Fantastic Camp T.C

This year for the first time, team five was going to be having camp! This year our camp was called Take Charge. Our camp is called this because we are going to be taking charge by doing different things by ourselves for most of the time, I knew it was going to be awesome!

The groups and teachers for camp are Responsibles-Mrs Langitupu, Respectibles-Ms Va’afusuaga, Motivators-Mrs Nua, Thinkerz-Mr Barks, Carerz-Ms Tito, and my group ‘PARTICIPATORZ-Mr Harris. My team leaders were Helen Tui and Charm, I think they had done a great job as leaders.

I really had a great time doing all the activities at camp T.C, but the most activities that I enjoyed was kayaking with Mr Burt and some other helpers and the Dunker with Brooke from Rock Up. I really had a great time at camp and I can’t wait till the next one!

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  1. Hi Jarna,

    I know how you felt for Camp TC. I felt the same way you felt, really really, EXCITED... But yeah you know this camp was the best don't you think Jarna... I thought it was the best camp EVER!!

    Yours Truthfully,


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