Tuesday, March 27, 2012

My Camp Movie

I have created a movie about CAMP RESPECT!!!. This movie shows some of the things we had done during camp. ENJOY!!!

Monday, March 26, 2012

The Amazing Race

“A.......nd go!” Mr Barks shouted as our group rushed to the equipment to make slingshots, this activity is called the amazing race. Black rubber, string, tape, newspaper and a piece of wood that is in a shape of a slingshot. We were rushing to get our slingshot finished so we could try to get extra points for our team by hitting the buckets, and if you get the ball into the bucket you get double the points.

The next activity we had to do in the Amazing race was splitting our group up and going to different locations to collect the items we need to make a hobo stove so we can cook an egg. I had to go to the pools and get a fire started (which was a piece of wood.) We had lots of wood, two matches, (if you ran out of matches you had to get two more from the office,) an egg and the final piece was a empty large spaghetti or baked beans tin.

We had to make a little hut with the wood, and inside the hut was the fire starter. It took us a lot of time to get the fire going. "At last," we said as the flames grew hire, but unfortunately the other team had already eaten their egg. We were just about to cook the egg when Mr Barks said it was time to go back for our next activity I felt a bit disappointed.

Now we had to make the word RESPECT with our bodies letter by letter. Rushing to get the pictures done we were just about to take a picture of the last letter when the battery went flat, luckily Mr Barks said we could use his camera. We went to room 21 and downloaded the photos. “Whew,” I said as we completed the task.

The amazing race was one of my favourite activities. I really want to do that sometime soon.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Show Not Tell - Table Tennis

‘Whack!’ The ball went flying towards my opponent. Feeling pleased I said to my self, ”It’s over.” Over confidently I turned my back thinking I had won, ‘Smack’ I turned around to late just as the ball shot across the table and on to the floor. I could not believe I had lost.

School Picnic

“Finally where here,” I said to myself as we arrived at the reserve. As soon as everyone put their bags down the reserve was full of kids in red tops and black shorts. There were lots of different kinds of sports running like softball, volleyball, ripper rugby, etc.

I was wondering what to play, I couldn’t decide which sport I wanted to play the most because they were all tempting, but then I saw kids playing soccer so I joined in. My brother and my dad were playing soccer too. I was in my dad’s team and against my brother, I didn’t know who won but I think it was a tie.

When I had stopped playing soccer I started to get bored until I saw Mr S running a game of softball. So I went and played. Waiting patiently for my turn to bat the line got smaller and smaller, then suddenly I heard someone call my name and said, “It’s your turn to bat,” I said to myself, “Yes.” ‘Whack!’ the ball went flying I made it to base two and finally home. After a couple of rounds of softball I felt hungry and went to get some lunch.

Mmm I said in my head as I saw what we were going to have for lunch. My mum made ham and lettuce rolls and she also bought chips. We sat down enjoying our meal and said to myself this is delicious.

‘Beep’ the hooter went and that meant it was time for us to leave. Everyone started packing up their things and sat in their class lines, everyone was waiting for their class members so we can go back to school and then go home.

When we got back to school I was drained, so I rushed to the water fountain and got a drink. As soon as I got home I sat down and thought this was an awesome day and a great last school picnic for the year 8’s.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Walking Animation

Hi everyone I have made a movie about positive footprints online, ENJOY!!!

Jarna And Mino Ben Carson

Born in Detroit Michigan Ben had a difficult childhood. His mother Sonya had dropped out of school in grade 3, and she got married at the age of 13. When Ben was 8 years old his parents got divorced and Sonya had to raise her kids by herself. She had to work 2 - 3 jobs to provide for her kids.

In the fifth grade Ben was at the bottom of the class,and his brother wasn't doing so-well either. So his mother Sonya was determined to turn their lives around. She limited their TV privileges. Each week they had to get out two library books and write two written reports about them. They had to give them to Sonya to remark. Because of her poor education, she was unable to read their reports, but she still tried. She also refused to let them play outside until they had finished their homework.

Unexpectedly in a few weeks Ben had astonished his class by knowing what type of rock the teacher was holding, he was holding Obsidian. When he answered, the kids in his class didn't know whether to laugh at him or be amazed. At that moment he knew he wasn't dumb after all. Each day he was hungry for knowledge.

Thursday, March 15, 2012


On the last day of camp I couldn't wait because we were going to Swim-A-Rama. I was lucky because my group was the first to go on the bus. As soon as we went inside I wanted to just jump straight in the pool. "Finally!" I said to myself as I walked into the freezing cold water.

One of the games I played was volley ball, but that didn't work out so we just through the ball to each other and tried to catch it. 'Splash' the water went into my face because Toreka splashed water at me. That was a lot of fun but that wasn't my favourite thing it was this.

It was girls against boy in gridiron. It was a bit hard to run because it was very slippery in the water. I was about to get a run away until I slipped, but I managed to get the ball to Kaloni and she got the try. There was only a little bit of people when we first started but as the day went by lots of boys and girls started playing.

I bet your wondering who won well I can tell you that the girls had finished victorious.

First Day At Camp RESPECT!!!

My favourite activity for day 1 was ‘BOX FIT’ with Rob, Regan and Mark. First we had to find a partner. My partner was Karmire we had to stand behind your partner and we had to sprint down the path next to the street and back. Doing stretches was really easy for me, but for some people it was difficult.

I was first to hit the pads that Karmire had to hold. We punched left, right, left, right but we had to cross over when we punch. Next we punch left, left then right. Finally Regan taught us a combo. Left, right, left hook, right. When we kept practicing punching it felt like my left hand was getting stronger.

On day 2 my favourite activities in the whole camp was Kayaking and table tennis.
Kayaking because I got to drive Mr Burt’s boat. a couple of years ago Mr Burt said I was the speed queen. Table tennis was my other favourite thing because we also got to skate. I forgot how to skate but Te Rina reminded me. After that I was fine but still a bit nervous.

So far camp has been awesome, I can’t wait to go to Swim-A-Rama.