Friday, July 15, 2011

Furniture For The Street

(To be continued.........->)

Hi my name is Jarna and I'm in room 19, for the past few weeks we have been making prototypes of furniture designs for the street. Everyone in our class has worked hard on their design, I’m developing a chair that is made of different types of triangles.

First we did a bit of research on different furniture designs so we had an idea how to start on our drawing of a piece of furniture

we had to draw our design on a piece of paper so we have an idea how to make it. Then we had to bring anything that is cardboard like cardboard boxes, toilet paper rolls, etc. only a couple of people brought cardboard including me.

Next we started to make our models with cardboard. After we finished that we paper mached them which took a bit of time because you have to do many layers. Finally we painted our furniture, I painted mine white. But then Mr Harris said I had some little noticeable holes on my furniture so I had to fill it with a thing called gib filler.

I am so very proud of my furniture design because I have worked hard on it. I really hope I can finish it by the end of term 2 so I can take it home to my family cause I know they would be proud of me.