Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Iosefo Family Comes To Pt England

Today a very special guest came to Team 5’s team assembly. He was asked to go on Campbell live and he is a prefect at Mt Roskill Grammar. Can you guess who it is? His name is......Joshua Iosefo he is the poet of the spoken word ‘Brown Brother’.

After he watched the movie Sinarella he got angry because of all of the stereotypes so he went into his room and wrote for an hour and that is how his poem was born. After he showed his parents they said this has to get out. So at his school all of the prefects has to recite a speech so he decided to do that.

He said that it was a risk to recite the poem in front of the school but he felt comfortable saying it. Joshua Iosefo ‘Brown Brother’ is on YouTube and he is so lucky because he got to be on live television.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Tommy Kapai Wilson Presentation

Ashleigh, Chante and I have created a presentation about Tommy Kapai Wilson who has recently came to our school. Hope you enjoy!!!

Mini Olympics at Pt England School

A sea full of multicoloured t-shirts started chanting and cheering. Today was the Point England mini Olympics. There were 16 countries Mexico, Jamaica, Romania and many more. I was the leader for Russia.

We participated in 7 events touch, handball(The real handball they play in the Olympics), foursquare etc. We played against many teams and won some and lost some. We got lots of points for sportsmanship.

My most favourite event was foursquare (well it wasn’t really foursquare it was actually more like handball). We had to play in doubles and it was nerve racking. When I got on to the court My partner and I were on for a while.

My least favourite was three legged soccer. the reason I didn’t like it was because my partner kept wandering off. Also because the strap kept falling off.

At the end it was hard to come back and sit down because of the massive crowd in the way. Finally reaching my destination it was unfortunately the end of the mini Olympics. Maybe next term we can do something like this again because everyone including me enjoyed it.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Tommy Kapai Wilson

On the 7 of September a very special person came to our school. Uncle Anzac aka Tommy Kapai Wilson he is very well known for writing books about a Kiwi named Kapai. When he came he talked about many things.

When Tommy was younger his father lied about his age so that he could join the army (he was only seventeen). When his father came back he said, “I’m not going to be alone anymore.” He made rules which were never violence, always make ten people smile a day, hard case humour. Now Tommy pushed it up to make 20 people smile a day.

Later on in his life he went and worked as a dishwasher in a restaurant (I know it’s not the best job in the world but at least he had one). Then he got a job as a butler for a famous person and he got a Ferrari, a boat and lots of money. But he decided to go back home to his family.

When he came back he started to write children's books and that is how he became a famous author. His most popular books are Kapai the kiwi.

Maybe when I get older I can become an author if I try hard enough. Tommy Kapai Wilson has inspired me of what I can be or do in the future.

Thank you Tommy.

Senior Sports Rotation

“Ahhhhhhhhh! My hair”, Mubba screamed as the blustery rain made her rushed to the hall for the senior sports rotation. As we arrived I was wondering what activities we were going to do. All of the houses had four groups and each group had four rotations. I was the leader for Tainui 4.

The rotations my group and I participated in were cyber coach (which is a guy showing you different dance moves), Mr Jacobson’s room to watch one of our old school productions the Toy shop, and then we went to Mrs Flavell to decorate some biscuits and shells. Last of all we went to Miss M for jump jam.

My favourite activity was decorating with Mrs Flavell. The reason I enjoyed decorating would have to be sharing ideas with the other kids and making a good design. Making designs with Ms Flavell was nerve racking because we only had a short period of time (now I know how people on my kitchen rules feel).

In the end I was feeling stink because it came to an end but hopefully we would get to do it again.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Year 7 and 8 Social

Getting ready for tonight I realised that I didn’t have anything to wear. Rushing to the computer to look for a costume to wear. “Aha that’s it.” The Theme was New Zealand olympic team (Black and white)

“Boom, boom, boom,” the music blared as I entered the hall. Lights flashing everywhere I saw Kingston dancing alone in the middle of the dance hall.

There was only three different competitions at the social Dougie, cat daddy and azonto. My favourite competition was Dougie. Mary, Rita, James and Nezinli were the final four. “Oh, oh,” Everyone was shouting as they were dougieing “And the winner is ..... Nezinli,” Mr Barks announced as the boys started screaming and shaking Nezinli around.

Finally everyone was saying as Selena said we could go and eat now. “Mmm..,” I said as I smelt the delicious smell of sausages. “Pick a drink any drink,” Mrs Lavakula said to us, everyone was coming in to have a good sausage sizzle.

“Ok guys this is the final song so everyone dance,” the DJ said. Everyone started dancing then all of a sudden the music stopped and I realized that the social was over. I was bummed that we couldn’t carry on. At the end of the night I was tired and I hope we can do this again.