Friday, November 30, 2012

Blue Light Disco

I was amazed as I walked through the doors of the flashing lights and crazy dance moves. Tonight was the night for the ‘Blue Light Disco!’ The Disco was run by the cops and prefects and some people from the community.

Walking through the doors where the party was, I saw my friends and started to groove to the rhythm of the music. Watching everyone dancing It was already time for a competition. There were around about 4 or 5 which were dougie, cat daddy, limbo competitions and some more.

After some comps it was time for something to eat, “Mmmm people were saying as they rushed in line for a delicious sausage sizzle and fizzy drink. After everyone was satisfied by their meal they started to dance again.

Unluckily it was time for the last song. So we danced as hard as we could till the song ended. “That was awesome,” I thought to myself and that was also a great last disco.

Monday, November 26, 2012

My Toy Creation

In Extension Mrs Tele'a laid out a bunch of items. Then we had to pick a number between 1 - 20 and once you got your item you had to make it into a toy. I got the item noodles and I made it into a toy called the 'Noodle Shape Maker'.

Noodle Shape Maker

For this amazing product all you need for it is a bowl the noodle shape maker hot water mix them together when soft make your shape. Then when it cools down it molds into that shape and then you have your own creative shape.

But not just that you can also connect the noodles to make an even bigger shape and all of this for only $14.95.

This product is only for the ages 3 years +

Step 1. Bowl and put noodle maker in it
Step 2. Cook for 1 - 2 minutes until slimy
Step 3. Then mold into a shape; Ring/Necklace
4. Once shaped place flat and let it cool off until it molds into shape

Where I Am From - Spoken Word Poem

Where I am from I see clear skies and flowing water,
Where I am from I see people having fun everywhere,
Where I am from I taste fresh tropical flavours and different kinds of spices,
Where I am from I taste the smoky food cooked by the barbecue,
Where I am from I feel happiness and sadness around me,
Where I am from I hear laughter and joy from friends and family,
Where I am from I hear the shouting of playful children,
Where I am from I smell roasting chicken and chocolate biscuits,
Where I am from I smell fresh spices and delicious sausage sizzles,
Where I am from I touch soft grass and freezing waves,
Where I am from I touch the green grass as I lie down for a rest.

Monday, November 19, 2012


This term in Extension we had to research about a toy that was chosen for us by Mrs Tele'a. My toy I had got was Play-Doh.

Noah W. and Joseph S. McVicker are famous for making a product known as Play-Doh. In 1956 Play-Doh was created in Cincinnati, Ohio, U.S. Did you know in 1930 Play-Doh use to be a wallpaper cleaner. In January 26, 1965 was when they paid the patent, (patent means Someone who pays the right for the product).

The age for this toy is 15 months and up. Play-Doh has a large range of prices because there are lots and lots of different types of Play-Doh. And did you know if you made a big ball of all the Play-Doh Compound ever created, it would weigh more than 700 MILLION POUNDS. Kids love playing with Play-Doh I think it’s a good fun toy for the whole family.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


“Errr,” the car jolted forward as Sam stepped on the brake and shouted, “Chris we’re here,” “Huh, oh wow the forest looks amazing, lets set up camp Sammy,” The two girls had just finished setting up when Sam heard a weird noise.

“Chris,” Sam squeaked “What was that? I’m scared,” Chris replied, “Don’t worry it’s just the forest, it’s probably a rabbit or something.” They both heard it this time then decided to go and investigate.

Pushing bushes and branches out of the way they saw weird looking footprints, “What the,” they said looking closer. ‘Boom’ there it was again, “Lets go see what it is Sam,” “No I don’t think it’s a good idea what if it’s a bear or something?” “Come on,” Chris said as she dragged Sam along.

“Ahhh,” “Shhh,” Chris said as she covered Sam’s mouth. Sam got away from Chris and hide behind a fallen tree. “Ahh!” Chris screamed as the giant creature snached her up. “Hahaha,” “What do you want from me,” Chris pleaded, “I’m going to eat you, Argh” “No!!!” Sam cried as she saw her sister getting eaten.

“You monster,” Sam screamed out to the creature, “Now it’s your turn, run,” sprinting passed trees and bushes she ran for her life. She jumped over a log looking for a weapon of some sort, ”Aha you’re mine now,” she said waiting for the creature.

It went silent she looked back nothing was there, ”Boo,” “Argh,” She shouted as she went to kill the beast, “oh no,” “Bang,” the beast exploded it was done the beast was killed. Sam cried on her way back home leaving the gear behind, “Why,” She said, “Why.”

Monday, November 12, 2012

Barnyard Narrative

“Come here Vivienne and Osana quickly,” called out Tom to his small chubby dogs. Turning the corner he noticed something but couldn’t see because of the dark. “Come on girls lets go check that out,” “Wow an abandoned barn,” Tom sprinted to the door. “Errr,” went the door as he entered with the two dogs. All he could hear was footsteps but they had stopped.

”Ohhh freaky house” whispered Tom.  Getting closer and closer to the end of the hallway the debris got worse “Slam!!” “Woof Woof “screeched Vivienne as she was getting dragged into a room. “Vivienne NO!!!” Tom shouted with anger, “Osana come here,  Osana, OSANA!,”

Tom searched everywhere but had no luck, ”I wish I never came here” he sobbed, “Oww,” one of the dogs whined. Suddenly another thud, “Viv, Osana are you there,” silence filled the room as he headed towards a small door for him just to fit in. “Err, bang,” the door slammed behind him. He started to freak out as a weird sound was approaching him, “Arghh.”

To be continued........

Thanks to Ashleigh for helping me producing this narrative.