Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Armoured dinosaurs can not be defeated.
No dinosaur can flip over a Ankylosaurus.
Kind dinosaurs like an Ankylosaurus do not harm any other dinosaurs only attacks predators.
Young Ankylosaurus can be killed by predators.
Lived in late cretaceous in North America.
Other armourd dinosaurs like an Ankylosaurus mostly eat plantes.
Some paleontologist found Ankylosaurus's fossils.
An a Ankylosaurus existed 70 million years ago.
Using it's beak to nip off leaves from heages.
Rough skin and lots of armour.
Using it's armour to defend it- self.
Some paleontologists

Thank-you http://www.picsearch.com/pictures/animals/dinosaurs/ankylosaurus.html

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Tyrannosaurus Rex

Tiny arms and long teeth as long as banana's and as sharp as a carving knife.
Young T-Rex is waiting for his Mum to come and bring there food back to the family.
Razor sharp teeth going to kill a young Ankylosaurus.
Ankylosaurus is getting attacked by a Tyrannosaurus and getting badly hurt.
No dinosaur is going to kill a Tyrannosaurus-Rex.
Never will a Tyrannosaurus get beaten by an Ankylosaurus.
Other than sauropods can bet a Tyrannosaurus Rex.
Some paleontologists found Tyrannosaurus rex fossils in south america.
And Tyrannosaurus rex can rip off hard and rockey skin off other dinosaurus.
U can't fight a Tyrannosaurs rex and kill it.
Ready to kill its precious pray.
Using it's teeth to kill other dinosaurs .
Sauropods can defeat a Tyrannosaurus.
Ripping apart some nice nice flesh.
Enoying dinosaurs so T-rex is going kill dinosaurs.
Xtremely scary and very freakey to touch a Tyrannosaurus.

Thank-you http://i41.photobucket.com/albums/e299/IgorsBrain/Tyrannosaurus_Gonna_Gitcha.jpg

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


On Monday we went to the immersion assembly for term two where we found out that our topic was called Dino-might and we are learning about dinosaurs.

When we got to the hall we sat down in two lines then Mrs.Jarman was talking to us about what topic we are learning about for this term.Mrs.Jarmon asked Blessing to tell Mr.Burt was coming soon.When Blessing went to ask Mr.Burt he came in jumping around and took Feki's hand and dragged him down to the end of the hall.And whacked him on the head and his back then he went back and took Tyler by the hand and dragged him by the hand and took him to the front of the hall.The whole school was laughing even the teachers and Adults.

Mr.Burt shouted out,''Term 2 Dino-might team1#.The teachers in team1 are Mrs.Wild,Mrs.Katu,Mrs.Georege and Ms.Lal.They made a video clip about dinosaurs and they made a sign that said 'They're Not Extinct(yet)',Then they finished.Mr.Burt called out the same thing but he said team 2 instead.The teachers in team two are Ms.Va'afusuaga,Mrs.She,Ms.Glaze.And there Item was a rap about dinosaurs names.Then Mr.Burt said"Term Two Team 3",The teachers in Team 3 are Ms.Garden,Ms.Walters and Mrs McKinley. There Item was being paleontologist and pretending to dig up in the hall and find dinosaurs fossils.Then it was team 4's tern and the teachers in team 4 are Ms Squires,Mr.Palmer,Mrs.Nua,Mrs.King. And there Item was a video Clip about dinosaurs and they are a live and they were dreaming of it.Then Mr.Burt grabbed Levi's hand and dragged him across the hall too.Then Mr.Burt said ,"Dino-Might E-Learning group".And in the teachers in the E-Learning group is Mrs.Tele'a and Mrs.Burt and there item was a video clip too.When the video clip ended the music went on and we all went to our class rooms and did our original things.