Tuesday, March 20, 2012

School Picnic

“Finally where here,” I said to myself as we arrived at the reserve. As soon as everyone put their bags down the reserve was full of kids in red tops and black shorts. There were lots of different kinds of sports running like softball, volleyball, ripper rugby, etc.

I was wondering what to play, I couldn’t decide which sport I wanted to play the most because they were all tempting, but then I saw kids playing soccer so I joined in. My brother and my dad were playing soccer too. I was in my dad’s team and against my brother, I didn’t know who won but I think it was a tie.

When I had stopped playing soccer I started to get bored until I saw Mr S running a game of softball. So I went and played. Waiting patiently for my turn to bat the line got smaller and smaller, then suddenly I heard someone call my name and said, “It’s your turn to bat,” I said to myself, “Yes.” ‘Whack!’ the ball went flying I made it to base two and finally home. After a couple of rounds of softball I felt hungry and went to get some lunch.

Mmm I said in my head as I saw what we were going to have for lunch. My mum made ham and lettuce rolls and she also bought chips. We sat down enjoying our meal and said to myself this is delicious.

‘Beep’ the hooter went and that meant it was time for us to leave. Everyone started packing up their things and sat in their class lines, everyone was waiting for their class members so we can go back to school and then go home.

When we got back to school I was drained, so I rushed to the water fountain and got a drink. As soon as I got home I sat down and thought this was an awesome day and a great last school picnic for the year 8’s.

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