Thursday, August 20, 2009

My Wonderful Teacher Ms Squires

Some children used to be in Ms Squires class in room six and you don't know her like I do because she is sweet. Anyway Ms Squires is a very beautiful teacher and she likes us when we be good for her and it feels like family and family never puts down family members.

So that is why I wrote about my teacher and that is how I think about Ms Squires plus how she teaches us. So all you commenters out there try and be very good for your teachers too.
(Except if you are an adult)

Thanks all you readers out there.Ka Kite ano

and please tell Ms Squires to read this post.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

My Second Favourite Singer Taylor Swift

One day I wanted to say Miley Cyrus was my second favourite singer but when I saw what Miley did
it made me feel a bit stink so I decided to go with Taylor Swift because I like her style and her voice and most importently
her songs my favourite songs are called You belong with me and Love Story so all of the pictures are in the song You belong with me.
And one of the pictures are from love story so any way who else likes Taylor Swift? please write on the comment.

And teachers if you like her to can do that as well. you can ask me,(Jarna) or Selena to sing one of the songs if you want to and that's the teachers too pretty PLEASE!!! you see I wrote it in capitals letters.
Thank you for letting me use your
pictures you are COOL!!! and can you also post on my blog people around the world.

Thank you very much commenter's.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Jane Is A Very Nice And Kind

Hey its me again did you know I have tons of friends but i am only going to write about her and her name is Jane. Jane and I were friends when we got to know each other but we were in different classes she was in room 14 and I was in room 12. So do you know what class we are in now? by the way as the title says she is also very good in class she hasn't got a detention that I know of. Her favourite sports is volley ball,soccer and cricket. And some of her other friends are Reina,Tule,Destiny and Sylvia and some of them are in her group Ziggles.I wrote about Jane because she is very loyal to all of her friends.And tell Jane to read my blog too PLEASE!!!!! thank you all.