Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Beach

One lovely day at the beach on Saturday with my family we were all packing our stuff out of the car and we put our stuff on the ground next to our tent . All my cousins my Mum and I carried the table to the beach over to our tent and then we all went to the water put our feet in it and we were splashing around. We put sunscreen on then we played touch with my Mum, Dad and cousins. When I went to pull the tag off Robert's strap instead I bent my finger on the end of his pants. My team lost so we went for a swim in the sea.

We started to look for crabs and mussells. My cousin Robert ate a clam without cooking it I said ''Yuck!" I almost threw up.

We went in to have our morning tea and we put some more sunscreen on before we went to have another swim. We were splashing around and fighting on my Mum and Dad's shoulder's. If you lose then you fall over. So then my cousins Brandee and Chay were on my Mum and Dad's shoulders. Next my Mum and Brandee lost so my Dad and Chay won that one.

After that we went in for lunch, we had a barbecue. It was fantastic. My uncle Rob said "Who wants to play tag?" So every one said "Yes." I was in the blue team which my uncle Rob was in. My Mum, Dad and Wyatt were in my team too. We played against the Yellow team. It was only a family game. I shouldn't have played because of my finger, but in the end I did.


  1. cool writing Jarna hey what kind beach did you go to oh hey about the clam your cousin Robert is yuk man but I like clam when it's cooked it is so nice that I can't stop eating it.bye from jordan

  2. Hi Jarna
    It's Aunty Ang, what a lovely story. Your mum told me about your blog this is so cool. I'm at work so I thought I'd write a quick note to say hello and love you.
    Aunty Ang

  3. Thank you Aunty Ang
    for that comment you said about my storie I have
    written. And how is Branz and uncle toma doing?

    Love Jarna

  4. Hi Jarna that was cool and lovely you might
    need storys but that was great...

  5. Nice movie you got there i just want to say what was your best part.By Casey


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