Thursday, May 21, 2009

Tyrannosaurus Rex

Tiny arms and long teeth as long as banana's and as sharp as a carving knife.
Young T-Rex is waiting for his Mum to come and bring there food back to the family.
Razor sharp teeth going to kill a young Ankylosaurus.
Ankylosaurus is getting attacked by a Tyrannosaurus and getting badly hurt.
No dinosaur is going to kill a Tyrannosaurus-Rex.
Never will a Tyrannosaurus get beaten by an Ankylosaurus.
Other than sauropods can bet a Tyrannosaurus Rex.
Some paleontologists found Tyrannosaurus rex fossils in south america.
And Tyrannosaurus rex can rip off hard and rockey skin off other dinosaurus.
U can't fight a Tyrannosaurs rex and kill it.
Ready to kill its precious pray.
Using it's teeth to kill other dinosaurs .
Sauropods can defeat a Tyrannosaurus.
Ripping apart some nice nice flesh.
Enoying dinosaurs so T-rex is going kill dinosaurs.
Xtremely scary and very freakey to touch a Tyrannosaurus.


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