Wednesday, August 12, 2009

My Second Favourite Singer Taylor Swift

One day I wanted to say Miley Cyrus was my second favourite singer but when I saw what Miley did
it made me feel a bit stink so I decided to go with Taylor Swift because I like her style and her voice and most importently
her songs my favourite songs are called You belong with me and Love Story so all of the pictures are in the song You belong with me.
And one of the pictures are from love story so any way who else likes Taylor Swift? please write on the comment.

And teachers if you like her to can do that as well. you can ask me,(Jarna) or Selena to sing one of the songs if you want to and that's the teachers too pretty PLEASE!!! you see I wrote it in capitals letters.
Thank you for letting me use your
pictures you are COOL!!! and can you also post on my blog people around the world.

Thank you very much commenter's.


  1. Well i do like Taylor swift she is my second favourite singer to but who is your first best singer?.MY first best singer is Michael Jackson he has loads of my best song like bad,we are the world,the way you make me feel and you are not alone

  2. Hi there Jarna

    I got to say you are right ,Taylor swift is actully my favourite singer coz' her songs are pretty awsome.

  3. Hi Jarna
    I really like your story about Taylor Swift. She sings beutifully It is really interesting to know that Taylor Swift was your favourite singer I wonder who is your 3rd? I really like it how you use good vocabulary. Good Job
    From Seini-Mino

  4. Hi Jarna!
    I really like Taylor Swift as well. BUt I'd have to say that MJ is my favourite singer and dancer. My favourite song of hers is 'CRAZIER'. It's on Hannah Montanna the movie. Well, hope you write another post soon.


  5. Hi Jarna
    I like your post you made about your favourite singer Taylor Swift. I love Taylor Swift but I got to say that Michael Jackson is my favourite singer. The song that I like out of her songs You belong with me. Well thats all I have time for


  6. Hi Jarna

    I relly like you stroy about Taylor Swift.I like Taylor Swift but my favourlte singer is beyonc
    and my fav song is you belongs with me

    From Destiny & jane


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