Thursday, September 3, 2009

My favourite Cartoon Sponge Bob Square pants

Hey its me again you know how I wrote about other people well this time I'm writing about my favourite cartoon(SPONGE BOB SQUARE PANTS) this cartoon rules and I know most of you like to watch Sponge Bob am I right or am I right.

Anyway Miss MacKinley is Wyatt being a very good student specking of students here is a quick question oh and there is going to be some quick questions OK here we go who is Sponge bobs best friend? and in who bob what pants what did these silly fishes call Sponge Bob when he fell off a cliff?Anyway can some of my family members comment on my blog.

Thank you ka kite ano


  1. Spongebob Squarepants is my favourite cartoon.
    He is very funny and makes me laugh.
    I like his songs like "Ripped Pants".
    My favourite episode is called " Plankton Vs Krabs.

  2. HI Jarna I like sponge bob too it is the best cartoon ever!!!

    KEPP IT UP!!!

  3. Hi Jarna
    That is my favourite cartoon to.
    nice story

    from aidan


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