Friday, February 18, 2011

The Beach Trip

“Yes were here,” I shouted as I got out of the car and onto the sand. As I got into the water it was freezing! The waves hit me so hard I got a fright as I nearly fell deeper into the water.

My little cousins were playing in the sand and as the gross seaweed touched them they were scared.

My brother and I had a swimming contest, I won the first match then he won the last match. When we got out of the water we found black sand. We were making sand castles with our little cousins and my Pop.

That was a lot of fun at the beach I had an awesome time with my family, I really hope we can go to the beach again real soon.

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  1. Jarna, I am a college student from the University of South Alabama, in the United States. I am in EDM 310 and I was assigned to comment on your blog. I really enjoyed reading about your trip. I'm not too far from the beach so I understood the cold water and yucky seaweed. I also liked how you included the importance of family into your post. If you'd like to see my blog, you c is importanan visit or find me on twitter @amandaspence621.
    Thanks for your post!


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