Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Starting My Story with a Exciting Hook

Suddenly, I heard a creaking noise outside my bed room. Then I slowly got out of bed and sneaked a peak,
as I opened the door it made a 'screekey' sound, "Eerrrrr........"

When I opened the door "Nothing," I whispered, but then I heard the kitchen door quietly close, so I went to go investigate. As I opened the kitchen door, I felt a bit worried, but then I saw a shadow, now I was really worried. It was just standing there moving it's elbows. So I looked around the corner......... and it was my little brother stuffing his face into a chocolate cake.

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  1. Wow Jarna,

    What some fantasico words your wrote there.I have a question for you when you said that your little brother stuffed his face into the chocolate cake.....were you talking about me?????

    Please write back your LITTLE BROTHER Wyatt


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