Wednesday, September 28, 2011


This term we have been learning about the country Georgia, and had fun doing it.

“Who is a famous person in Georgia?” asked Eduard Shevardnadze.“Joesph Stalin,” I replied.“That is right,” He said.“What are their local delicacies?” He asked.I answered, “Peaches are Georgia’s local delicacies.”“Correct!” Eduard replied.
Eduard asked, “Where is Georgia located Jarna?”
I anxiously said, “Southwestern Asia.”
“Good."“Who is Georgia’s key player for their Georgian rugby team?”“My answer is Malkhaz Urjukashvvill.”“The colour of their main stripe for their team is....”“ Red,” I quickly replied.
“True or False, is red and white the Georgian team alternative stripe?”
I said, “Is it True?”He replied, “Correct!” “Who are Georgia’s neighbouring countries?”
“Mr. Shevardnadze, is the correct answer Turkey and Russia?”
“Yes, well done! You have got all of the questions right! That is just spectacular Jarna, great work!”
“Thank you, it has been an honour talking to you and answering questions about your country.”

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