Thursday, December 1, 2011

Ripper Rugby

Every Friday before lunch room 19 goes to ripper rugby. On our first day of ripper rugby (tag) our instructor asked if any of us knew how to play tag or touch we said yes. So instead of him teaching us some skills we went straight to game.

My groups team leader was Jonty and we were the black team, there were three teams so one team had to stay off until a team had got two tries. We versed the white team, in the first round of games I got one try but the other team had got two, so we had to go off. Then they lost so we came back on.

When I finally got the ball I stepped Ervin, span past Tracey and Cruz and ran for the goal line I run as fast as I could because I was running from my goal line to theirs but luckily I got the run away try, I was so happy and relived because I thought I was going to get tagged.

When we left I wanted to play again. I really can't wait until this Friday.

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