Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Smoking Kills

Teenagers start smoking because they think that it’s cool or maybe it is because other people do it and they feel left out. But if you smoke it is very difficult to stop.

What happens to your health when you smoke? There are many consequences of smoking that are dangerous. Inside every cigarette there are 4000 different types of chemicals 200 of them cause cancer. Smoking can also cause heart problems, all of these things has a high chance of dying.

The consequences of smoking are that you could get wrinkly skin, yellowed teeth, stained fingers, and a disgusting breath. You get these awful things by the cause of smoking and there are many many more of these consequences.

Smoking is also a huge waste of money smokers spend $14-$15 per packet. Every week smokers spend $150, so every year they spend around $5110, if they stop smoking they could save $5110 every year.

So why do people start smoking in the first place? People usually start smoking because they see their friends smoke and they think it’s cool so they want to start. They also get influenced by their family because maybe all of their family members smoke and they want to be just like them. Or maybe they get pressured by peers and they can’t take and start.

Smoking kills. Which path do you want to take?

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