Thursday, December 13, 2012

2012 Reflection

In the beginning of the year one of the things I struggled on was maths, and now I know I have improved over the months and I’m proud of my achievements in all of my subjects. The one thing I enjoyed most was sports because I got to meet a lot of different people and got to learn some sports that were new to me.

One of the least things I enjoyed was maths because I didn’t really get into it. The most thing I am proud of this year was joining the extension group because I never knew I was that smart. This year I joined the choir aka PEPA, Pt England Performing Arts, but I didn’t enjoy it because of some of the song choices but besides that it was alright.

The achievements I have made this year were great and I am very proud of them because most of the events I have tried out for I made it in.

The thing I am most looking forward to next year is going to college because there are a lot of more opportunities in college.

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