Monday, September 24, 2012

Mini Olympics at Pt England School

A sea full of multicoloured t-shirts started chanting and cheering. Today was the Point England mini Olympics. There were 16 countries Mexico, Jamaica, Romania and many more. I was the leader for Russia.

We participated in 7 events touch, handball(The real handball they play in the Olympics), foursquare etc. We played against many teams and won some and lost some. We got lots of points for sportsmanship.

My most favourite event was foursquare (well it wasn’t really foursquare it was actually more like handball). We had to play in doubles and it was nerve racking. When I got on to the court My partner and I were on for a while.

My least favourite was three legged soccer. the reason I didn’t like it was because my partner kept wandering off. Also because the strap kept falling off.

At the end it was hard to come back and sit down because of the massive crowd in the way. Finally reaching my destination it was unfortunately the end of the mini Olympics. Maybe next term we can do something like this again because everyone including me enjoyed it.

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