Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Senior Sports Rotation

“Ahhhhhhhhh! My hair”, Mubba screamed as the blustery rain made her rushed to the hall for the senior sports rotation. As we arrived I was wondering what activities we were going to do. All of the houses had four groups and each group had four rotations. I was the leader for Tainui 4.

The rotations my group and I participated in were cyber coach (which is a guy showing you different dance moves), Mr Jacobson’s room to watch one of our old school productions the Toy shop, and then we went to Mrs Flavell to decorate some biscuits and shells. Last of all we went to Miss M for jump jam.

My favourite activity was decorating with Mrs Flavell. The reason I enjoyed decorating would have to be sharing ideas with the other kids and making a good design. Making designs with Ms Flavell was nerve racking because we only had a short period of time (now I know how people on my kitchen rules feel).

In the end I was feeling stink because it came to an end but hopefully we would get to do it again.

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