Friday, November 30, 2012

Blue Light Disco

I was amazed as I walked through the doors of the flashing lights and crazy dance moves. Tonight was the night for the ‘Blue Light Disco!’ The Disco was run by the cops and prefects and some people from the community.

Walking through the doors where the party was, I saw my friends and started to groove to the rhythm of the music. Watching everyone dancing It was already time for a competition. There were around about 4 or 5 which were dougie, cat daddy, limbo competitions and some more.

After some comps it was time for something to eat, “Mmmm people were saying as they rushed in line for a delicious sausage sizzle and fizzy drink. After everyone was satisfied by their meal they started to dance again.

Unluckily it was time for the last song. So we danced as hard as we could till the song ended. “That was awesome,” I thought to myself and that was also a great last disco.

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