Monday, November 26, 2012

My Toy Creation

In Extension Mrs Tele'a laid out a bunch of items. Then we had to pick a number between 1 - 20 and once you got your item you had to make it into a toy. I got the item noodles and I made it into a toy called the 'Noodle Shape Maker'.

Noodle Shape Maker

For this amazing product all you need for it is a bowl the noodle shape maker hot water mix them together when soft make your shape. Then when it cools down it molds into that shape and then you have your own creative shape.

But not just that you can also connect the noodles to make an even bigger shape and all of this for only $14.95.

This product is only for the ages 3 years +

Step 1. Bowl and put noodle maker in it
Step 2. Cook for 1 - 2 minutes until slimy
Step 3. Then mold into a shape; Ring/Necklace
4. Once shaped place flat and let it cool off until it molds into shape

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