Tuesday, June 9, 2009

My Friend Sylvia

Hi this is Jarna and I am writing about my friend called Sylvia because she is my best friend in the world. And we mostly do everything together because well you know because we are the best of friends. When we work together I will help her when she is stuck on her work during reading time or writing time. When it is lunch time we usually go down to the junior side and play with my Brother Wyatt also we do lots of cool stuff together like seeing each other when we go to school or when we leave school and all those things that best friends do at school and not at school. So we met each other at kindergarten when we were little babies like 3 and under and look at us now, all grown up. We meet each other at the shops after school sometimes.
Any way hope you like my best friend story I wrote for all of you to read, so good bye for now.

If you click the play button below, you will hear me read this story for you...


  1. Hi Jarna, I love your story about Sylvia. Thank you for helping me learn how to use the easispeak microphone today. You were an excellent partner and I am glad your recording has turned out so well. What a lovely clear speaking voice you have.
    Mrs Burt

  2. Hi Jarna, like Mrs Burt I love your story. Friends are very special people. I like the way that you have describe things you do with Sylvia that make you a special friend to her and she sounds like a fantastic friend to have.
    Miss B (Tahatai Coast)

  3. Hi Jama, Mrs Burt told me about the awesome things you do at your school and I wanted to find out more about the easispeak microphone. I listened to your story tonight and I liked the way you spoke so clearly and hearing about your friend.
    Mrs C. (Auckland)


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