Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The New Kid Jephte

Hi it's Jarna again and this time I am writing about the new kid called Jephte and he came all the way from Africa to New Zealand to stay. And he is ten years old so that also means he is going to Intermediate next year and that means he is a year six at Pt.England school. And I think that he came here to learn more Literacy and also he is learning English yeah!!! but he knows some English. Jephte likes to play soccer,touch and lots of other sports because lots of kids play with him and also his brother Johnathan plays with him a lot because that's his brother and you know brothers like playing with brothers and sisters. His favourite colour is Green and Blue and his best friend is Marven and Joshua plus Me. Anyway that's all so hope I can write some more later on so bye for now.


  1. Hey Jarna
    I like your story Jarna it is really cool
    I like that

    from jessica

  2. What a lovely post about Jephte Jarna. It's great that he has a good friend like you. I think that you and the rest of Room 15 have done a good job helping Jephte to enjoy school. I notice that like you - he is enjoying making fantastic animations as part of our storytelling this term. Keep on being the good friend you are Jarna, it makes a difference!
    Mrs Tele'a


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