Wednesday, June 10, 2009

This Is My Family

This is my family and in my family is my Mum Petrina, my Dad Bruce, my Brother Wyatt,my Cousin Brandee, my Cousin Dani, my baby Cousin Zac, my baby Cousin Prayer, my Aunty Ang, my Uncle Toma, my Nana Marie and my Pop Graham. Now you know my family it's time to tell you what we do together in the holidays. We might go out for lunch or go somewhere to spend half of our day at the movies first to watch something that we haven't seen before.On Sunday my family and I went to the movies and watched Night At The Museum Two and after that we had lunch at Wendy's with` my Mum,Dad and Brother oh and I forgot not my whole family just the ones that went to Wendy's with me.Any way you are great readers and hope you read my storys and if some of my old one's are not there you have to go to the older posts at the bottom of the posts o.k any way hope you readers have a good day today or tommorow so bye bye.


  1. Hey Jarna I realy like your Family story I wish i could meet your family and watch that movie. Bye


  2. Hi Jarna
    I really like your description of your family. Well written!
    I hope you don't mind if I make a suggestion:
    On my screen, that blue colour you used for your writing is quite hard to see against the black background. I suggest you change it to a lighter colour to make it easier for your audience's eyes.
    Good work; -keep it up!


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