Monday, August 8, 2011

"Where The Heck is Remuera?"

Different Auckland town centres have adopted Rugby teams from countries that qualified for the World Cup. I found out information about :
The location in Auckland;
Something special about this place;
A 'potted' history of the place; If it has it's own symbol of some sort.(If we couldn't find a symbol we chose a picture that told more about the place).
Remuera is hosting Scotland for the RWC.
Remuera is a place found in Auckland in the North Island of New Zealand. The suburb extends from Hobson Bay and the Orakei Basin.
Remuera is shown by the symbol to south-east of Auckland city centre..

Remuera has had a long history of human occupation, starting back in the early 14th century when the Maoris came to the area. They named the place O-hine-rangi - the
place of Hinerangi (girl of the sky).

The building to the right use to be Remuera’s first fire station.

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