Wednesday, August 10, 2011

"Where In The World Is Korea?"

The Brumbies were given a number of names of rugby-playing nations of the world. These were some of the nations that are recognised by the
world governing body of Rugby Union, the International Rugby Board (IRB), as member unions but did not qualify for RWC 2011.

We divided them up amongst our team. I was given the nations listed b
This is what I found -

1. Korea’s national flag.

2. The continent that Korea is located in Asia

3. Seoul, Pyongyang is the capital of Korea.
4. The population of Korea is 24,457,492.

5. Korea’s most popular sports are figure skating and swimming.

I have decided to study Korea for our Immersion task.

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  1. Hey Jarna,

    Wow...but where is part of the writing.You might have to highlight the writing and press the rubber.I like the picture of Korea's sports and their country on the map.

    Keep it up Sis haha


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