Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Team 5 Silly Sports Day

It was a beautiful day on Tuesday 23 August. Cause today was team fives 'Silly Sports Day!' As we got down to the bottom field all the teachers started setting up thier activities.

The first activity we did was Mr Harris's challenge. We had to find a partner and strap one of our legs to each other and walk with a spoon with a ball in hand. You had to walk to the otherside and back to win. As my partner and I started we were going well untill she fell over and then she gave up just like that. Samson and a few more people won and they challenged each other. After that we moved on to the next activity.

We moved on to Mrs Nua's challenge. Her challenge was a water challenge and I could tell this was going to be cool. As we got in to our teams Mrs Nua told us the rules. In my team was Sione, Jordan, Aliza, Denim, Aidan and I. "Go," shouted Mrs Nua, our team quickly tried to get the water into the other bucket. The team with the red bucket won the first challenge. In the second one we tried to get it into the bucket as fast as we could, but then as Jordan ran up to the front of the line he slipped and broke our bucket everyone including himself started laughing. Then we carried on.

As we got to Mrs laungitupo's activity she straight away gave us a band. I was in the red band group we had a good team but the blue team had all the good athletes in it so we knew there was going to be a challenge. We lost our game against the blue team and I'm not sure if we lost, drew or won against the yellow team.

Arriving to the last activity which was Miss Tito's. Her challenge was to fling a ball with a big sling shot it into a hoop if you got it to land inside the pink hoop you would get 100 points for your class. we had tried to get a ball to land into the pink hoop but we failed. Ms Tito had a go and she had to try to hit Ms V and she did, it looked really funny. At the end of the day it was really fun, I hope we have another one real soon because I enjoyed that a lot.

Thanks to Racheal for checking my work

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