Thursday, March 15, 2012

First Day At Camp RESPECT!!!

My favourite activity for day 1 was ‘BOX FIT’ with Rob, Regan and Mark. First we had to find a partner. My partner was Karmire we had to stand behind your partner and we had to sprint down the path next to the street and back. Doing stretches was really easy for me, but for some people it was difficult.

I was first to hit the pads that Karmire had to hold. We punched left, right, left, right but we had to cross over when we punch. Next we punch left, left then right. Finally Regan taught us a combo. Left, right, left hook, right. When we kept practicing punching it felt like my left hand was getting stronger.

On day 2 my favourite activities in the whole camp was Kayaking and table tennis.
Kayaking because I got to drive Mr Burt’s boat. a couple of years ago Mr Burt said I was the speed queen. Table tennis was my other favourite thing because we also got to skate. I forgot how to skate but Te Rina reminded me. After that I was fine but still a bit nervous.

So far camp has been awesome, I can’t wait to go to Swim-A-Rama.

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