Thursday, March 15, 2012


On the last day of camp I couldn't wait because we were going to Swim-A-Rama. I was lucky because my group was the first to go on the bus. As soon as we went inside I wanted to just jump straight in the pool. "Finally!" I said to myself as I walked into the freezing cold water.

One of the games I played was volley ball, but that didn't work out so we just through the ball to each other and tried to catch it. 'Splash' the water went into my face because Toreka splashed water at me. That was a lot of fun but that wasn't my favourite thing it was this.

It was girls against boy in gridiron. It was a bit hard to run because it was very slippery in the water. I was about to get a run away until I slipped, but I managed to get the ball to Kaloni and she got the try. There was only a little bit of people when we first started but as the day went by lots of boys and girls started playing.

I bet your wondering who won well I can tell you that the girls had finished victorious.

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