Monday, March 26, 2012

The Amazing Race

“A.......nd go!” Mr Barks shouted as our group rushed to the equipment to make slingshots, this activity is called the amazing race. Black rubber, string, tape, newspaper and a piece of wood that is in a shape of a slingshot. We were rushing to get our slingshot finished so we could try to get extra points for our team by hitting the buckets, and if you get the ball into the bucket you get double the points.

The next activity we had to do in the Amazing race was splitting our group up and going to different locations to collect the items we need to make a hobo stove so we can cook an egg. I had to go to the pools and get a fire started (which was a piece of wood.) We had lots of wood, two matches, (if you ran out of matches you had to get two more from the office,) an egg and the final piece was a empty large spaghetti or baked beans tin.

We had to make a little hut with the wood, and inside the hut was the fire starter. It took us a lot of time to get the fire going. "At last," we said as the flames grew hire, but unfortunately the other team had already eaten their egg. We were just about to cook the egg when Mr Barks said it was time to go back for our next activity I felt a bit disappointed.

Now we had to make the word RESPECT with our bodies letter by letter. Rushing to get the pictures done we were just about to take a picture of the last letter when the battery went flat, luckily Mr Barks said we could use his camera. We went to room 21 and downloaded the photos. “Whew,” I said as we completed the task.

The amazing race was one of my favourite activities. I really want to do that sometime soon.

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