Thursday, May 31, 2012

Kiwi Kick

The sky was dim, the air was cold and goose bumps started to appear on my arms. I stood in line waiting anxiously. “Finally,” I said as we arrived. Siting down our instructors Sandwich and Mike started to tell us about Kiwi Kick.

First we played a game called continuous tag which is when everyone is in, so when someone tags you, you have to bob down and wait to they get tagged so you can stand up again. If you both tag each other at the same time you have to play rock, paper, scissors and who ever lost had to sit down and wait.

The first skill we learnt was how to Drop Punt. They told us some phrases to help us get a better idea on how to drop punt. One of the phrases was laces away from faces. My partner was Vivienne. Then we learnt how to hand pass for this skill my partner was Mubasshira. What we did with this skill was we played a game where we had to try and hand pass through your partner's legs.
Next we learnt how to mark, marking in Kiwi Kick is when someone drop punts to you really high and you catch it then you get a free kick or pass. The first mark we learnt is called the chest mark, the chest mark is where you catch the ball in your chest area (my partner for these drills was Osana). Second was the high mark, high marking is when you catch the ball over your head. Last but not least my favourite mark of all is the speci mark, the speci mark is when you jump off one leg for the catch.
I have really been enjoying the past few sessions of Kiwi Kick lately because I have not only been learning a new sport but I have also been having lots and lots of fun learning it. I like to say a huge thank you to our tutor’s Sam, aka Samwich, Anita, Mike, aka Micky and Charlie that have been teaching us how to play Kiwi Kick, choice guys.

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