Wednesday, May 30, 2012

'Weeping Woman' and 'Woman With A Hat'

Henri Matisse’s style of art was Fauvism, Fauvism is non-naturalistic colors. Pablo Picasso’s art of style was Cubism, Cubism is about different perspectives, Picasso did not only used Cubism he used much more styles of painting.

The same thing about these paintings are that they are both portraits of women and they both look unhappy, however their themes are very different. Henri Matisse’s painting ‘Woman with a Hat’ is a portrait of his wife. Pablo Picasso’s painting ‘Weeping Woman’ is about a lady suffering from the 1950’s war.

Pablo Picasso’s painting ‘Weeping Woman’ is made of different shades of yellow. While Henri Matisse’s painting ‘Woman with a hat’ is made of a multitude of colours and shading with them. The medium for Picasso’s painting is oil Matisse is the same type of medium as Picasso’s.

Both Henri and Pablo used bold lines in their paintings but Henri mostly had light lines around the face area. Pablo has only used sharp straight lines and shapes except for some curves on the fingers. While Henri’s lines and shapes are curved and bumpy. Pablo’s painting had lots of different perspectives while Henri’s painting has only one perspective which is the front part of the body.

I think their paintings are excellent and that they are both fantastic artists and will live on forever through their amazing talent. Rest in peace Henri Matisse and Pablo Picasso.

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