Monday, May 21, 2012

Tragic Moment

On a beautiful Sunday morning my mum's women's soccer team had a very tragic thing happen to one of their players. First the game started it was going great because we were winning by one point. The back-line really struggled to get the ball out to their opponents half. Two goals later we started losing 2-1 to them.

Their coach Joe had a talk with them especially to the back-line. The second half began, now this is where the action happens, My mum was up front had the ball and was going around lots of players. "At last," I said to myself as she had finally got the second goal. So far it's a tie. 'WHOOSH' went the net as they scored once more.

Their team had got the ball again half way swinging one of our players had jumped into the air trying to block the ball. The opponent whacked the ball also wiping out our players legs. 'THUD' she fell to the ground with pain getting up once more. 'SLAM' she fell down again also hitting her head hard on the ground all of a sudden she started having a seizure.

Everyone started to panic and rushed towards her, "Water, water," they shouted as they struggled to find water. "Oh no,” I thought in my head, "I hope she's alright," they had finally found some water and hurried to get to her. Someone called the ambulance straight away. Waiting and waiting for the ambulance to come 7-11 minutes later they arrived.

Her family was really worried about her. This was the first time I have ever witnessed someone having a seizure. It was a very devastating time for our team and her family. I hope you get better soon and come back to the team.

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